On May 20th, Doctor Li Hang from Wuhan University’s Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping sent back a gr...
Have Faith in Your Dreams and Stick to Them--Lei Jun’s S...
My fellow students, Standing here, I am actually no less excited than you, for 24 years ago, in this very spot, I attended my own commencement ceremony. I can thoroughly grasp your feelings now.
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  • Gong Wei
  • Zeng Lin
  • Song Baoliang
  • Lei Aiwen
  • Zhu Yuxian
  • Li Jiancheng
  • Zhu Yingguo
  • Mao Zhi
  • Zhang Zuxun
  • Ning Jinsheng
  • Shu Hongbing
  • Li Xiaohong
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