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WHU Held "The State’s Thousand Talents Scheme Forum"
Author:Xing Tao  Date:2011-04-27  Clicks:
On the night of April 20, “The State’s Thousand Talents Scheme Forum” was held in the auditorium of the International School of Software. Wu Wei, the CEO of Cynovo Scientific and Technological Corporation Ltd. who is selected into the first bunch of “The State’s Thousand Talents Scheme” made a report entitled as “Mobile Internet and Internet of Things —— A Technological Revolution Transforming People’s Life.”

In his report, Wu Wei elaborated on the reason and process of the development of Mobile Internet and Internet of Things , introduced the key supporting technologies and analyzed the influence the two newborn techniques will bring on people’s study, life, and employment.

At the end of the forum, Wu Wei answered the present students’ questions, encouraging them to seize the chance and give full display to their capability in the development of hi-tech industry. 


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