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A letter of appointment from Wuhan University—— The inauguration of 2017 WHU Graduate Alumni Council
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Do you remember the first letter of appointment in your life? A special letter of appointment has already been given to the 2017 graduates in Wuhan University before their departure from campus in June. That is the membership of Wuhan University Alumni Council.

On May 27th, Wuhan University’s 2017 Graduate Alumni Council Inauguration was held in the conference room of Alumni House. About 74 pre-graduates form different schools and colleges were awarded the membership of 2017 Graduate Alumni Council. Deng Xiaomei, Director of the Alumni Affairs and Communication Office, awarded each students a letter of appointment from WHU.


Director Deng Xiaomei is awarding the students their letters of appointment from WHU

The 2017 Alumni Council was established especially for the pre-graduates in order to keep the students in contact with Wuhan University after their graduation. The council consists of branch councils on class, faculty and university levels. The duty for a class representative is to collect the information of their classmates, update once a year, and help the General Alumni Council to maintain their Alumni Database. With their information, the Alumni Association and Alumni Office are able to keep in touch with the graduates, and hold reunion events years after their graduation.

This year’s council members include graduates from Hong Kong, Taiwan and also those from abroad. Tatenda Leopold Chakanyuka, an international student from Zimbabwe, spoke as the representative in meeting. “Wuhan University is the home for us all. No matter where we come from, we have a common homeland named Mount Luojia. No matter how far we will go in the future, we are always the children of our Alma Mater. ” He said  feelingly.

Okello, a graduate from Uganda, expressed his feelings in Chinese fluently. With the help of friends in Wuhan University, he started his own company in Nanjing, achieving the dream of his childhood. This week he flew from Nanjing for an Alumni event—— “Wei Ai Luojia” (tiny love for WHU) Campus Marathon. On the event day, thousands of alumni like Lo Jie from all over the world come back to Mount Luojia, running across the campus to raise fund for a charity program that helps students in poor families. Last year, Okello won the championship by finishing the whole race in only 20 minutes and 53 seconds.


Shi Taida and Lo Jie, International student representatives speaking in the Inauguration

“Running is my favorite hobby in life, and sport is the common language of mankind. Through the Campus Marathon, I not only gained health and happiness, but also friends from different regions and countries. Together we run across the old campus, picking up memories in every corner, and contribute our tiny efforts to the school charity. This year, I introduced my friend who has participated in World Championships to join our team”, said Lo Jie.

Besides Campus Marathon, WHU Alumni Association has held a series of popular events in the past few years. On Oct.25th, 2016, the first WHU Alumni Grand wedding was held in Wuhan University. 123 couples took their wedding vows under the blossoming cherry trees, and this event was broadcasted by numerous main mediae online. In November, 2016, Alumni from Qingdao launched a “book crossing” campaign in several public places around the city. Over 360 books were placed on benches, chairs and subways for citizens to read for free. “Our Alumni take the spirit of Wuhan University to the whole society”, said Xiao Aiqin, director of the Alumni Service Section.

After the speech of student representatives, a brief social session was open for the new council members. Student entrepreneurs from the Economics and Management School prepared a delicate dessert buffet for the participants. They made self- introduction in turns and held small talks with each other. “I think we share the same memory in campus. Some of us study in the same library, have dinners in the same canteen and watch the same movie in Meiyuan Playground”, said Fan Zikang, the chairman of 2017 Graduate Alumni Council, “Common experience in Wuhan University will always be a bond of our friendship”. In fact, not only do these students share similar stories in the past, through the social session, some of them even found future co-workers and schoolmates in the same council.


Deputy Director Liu Sainan congratulated the new graduates

“Alumni Association is the home for all WHUers. This is where graduates continue their stories in campus. Though travelling thousands of miles away from school, they remain their hearts with their Alma Mater”, said Liu Sainan, Deputy Director of the Alumni Affairs and Communication Office “The days in Wuhan University will never be forgotten. We Alumni Association are always looking forward to the greetings from our graduates in every corner of the world. ”


Photo by Chen Ziyao & Alumni Affairs and Communication Office, Edited by Sun Jingyi & Hu Sijia



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