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Meet the world of WHU
Author:Zhang Peilin  Date:2017-09-15  Clicks:

In September, the beginning of a new school year, Wuhan University welcomes many new foreign faces lightened by vigor and excitement. They are young students from all over the world that greet each other in their own language and expect a Chinese-style campus life here.

The ninth day of this month witnesses the successful holding of the school’s opening ceremony at the Meiyuan Playground in Wuhan University. Gathered here are all the international freshmen and 16 thousand Chinese newcomers embracing their new journey at the feet of Luojia Mountain. They are all, with curiosity, looking forward to the term to come.

“Smile & hug time” is a specially-designed game for all the freshmen present at the ceremony. They are encouraged to smile at and hug their classmates sitting besides them. The camera captured this cherished moment of newly established friendships beyond languages and colors.

After the ceremony, Han Jin, chair of the university council and President Dou Xiankang joined the international students and took pictures with them. The playground was full of laughter and cheers.

Wuhan University has been keeping pace with the times, walking hand in hand with the world. Recent years have seen the increasing internationalization of Wuhan University which attracts students from all around the world. Statistically, in 2017 there are 1037 international students admitted from 122 countries, and more than 800 students have been enrolled, including over 400 graduate students. Year on year, the number of new graduate students from abroad has been enjoying a steady growth. Wuhan University, an institution with profound history and culture has gained the fondness of many foreign youngsters. Meanwhile, their arrival will make the campus a more colorful place.

President Dou extends his wishes: “in WHU and then into WHU”.

It is reported that after the enrollment, a series of icebreaker and cultural activities will be held to get the international students better adapted to their campus life at Wuhan University. Up ahead for these newcomers are intensive and plenary study activities, and they are certain to become the new masters of Luojia Mountain.


Rewritten by Shen Yuxi, Photo by Zhang Peilin

Edited by Hu Sijia, Edmund Wai Man Lai



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