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Wuhan University greets the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to impart knowledge on diplomacy and foreign affairs
Author:Tang Lingjie & Li Yunzhen  Date:2017-09-18  Clicks:

On September 11, 2017, an array of activities themed “Imparting knowledge on diplomacy and foreign affairs in universities” held in cooperation with  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were set in motion in Wuhan University. Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs Management Mr. Liao LiqiangDirector of the Department of West Asian and North African Affairs Mr. Deng LiDirector of the Department of Boundary and Ocean Affairs Mr. Ouyang Yujing joined the university’s officials for a workshop before they lectured on diplomacy and foreign affairs at the Jing Lin Lecture Hall in the Economics and Management School. They were proactively engaged with the students there, responding to their questions about diplomatic hot topics. Han Jin, chair of the university council  delivered remarks at the event while Vice President Li Fei hosting the symposium.

Chairman Han Jin delivered his welcome speech, vice president Li Fei hosted the event

To begin, Director Liao Liqiang delivered a speech titled “Diplomacy and foreign affairs services---domestic opening and development”. In his speech, he analyzed current international situations and the model of China’s diplomatic evolvement, noting that China fully demonstrates its commitment and boldness in pursuing major country’s diplomacy by actively bearing its due share of international responsibility.

Director Liao Liqiang

The speech titled “Situations in the Middle East and Diplomacy of China and the Middle East” was presented by Director Deng Li who drew an analysis of and elaborated on the past and existing circumstances of the Middle East and West Africa. He also pointed that China’s global image for being responsible and impartial in conducting foreign affairs was made even more deeply rooted in the world thanks to the contributions to safeguarding China’s diplomatic interests made by Chinese diplomatic envoys, especially those stationed in war-stricken regions.

Direcor Deng Li

Director Ouyang Yujing went further on the talk of China’s current maritime situations and its border issues. He shared his thoughts and understandings of some topical border disputes like the South China Sea and Sino-India boundaries based on his previous rich experience in handling border demarcation and diplomatic negotiations. He made it clear that China’s territory is sacred and allows no division from the perspectives of its past and present facts. Students’ relevant questions were also selectively answered by Director Ouyang.

Director Ouyang Yujing delivering his speech

Wuhan University follows Tsinghua University to hold this innovative event mainly designed to enhance the understanding of college students and teachers on China’s diplomatic policies and guidelines.

Photo by Dai Zhongqing

Edited by Li Yunzhen, Hu Sijia & Edmund


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