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A visual feast—the opening ceremony of the 29th Luojia Autumn Arts Festival
Author:Shi Yuehan  Date:2017-11-21  Clicks:

On October 28th, as darkness fell, thousands of visitors thronged the Meiyuan playground. It was on this day that the 29th Luojia Autumn Arts Festival was in full swing within Wuhan University. Never failing to attract WHUersthis annual event brought audience a visual feast on such an exciting night.

To characterize the theme “Dong Fang Hong”, which symbolized power and auspiciousness in ancient China, became the theme of the opening performance. Gong Hangyu, an alumna of WHU, along with staff representatives, performed a splendid cheongsam show for the audience at the beginning of the show. By infusing the creative ideas into a cheongsam brand, Gong has been recommended to serve as the international cheongsam culture ambassadress.

Students of the Electronic Information School were the first to showcase their fashion design. Dressed in glittering costumes, they acted as pathbreakers on the Silk Road in the remotest era. With dazzling gold adopted as the main color, the team grasped everyone’s eyes and elicited endless applause.

A student model from the Electronic Information College

Accompanied by soft and relaxing music, models from the School of Information Management went on stage next. Mainly in white and bluethey appeared to tell a story about the origin of everything—water, the source of the profound civilization and long history of China.


Two models from the College of Information Management

The School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering ingeniously echoed to the theme “Jing Cai” (which stands for “wonderful” in Chinese). Not only did it imply diverse colors used in Beijing Opera, but also shared the splendid charm of Chinese culture through clothing design.

A model from the School of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering

Models from the School of Journalism and Communication pushed the grand performance to a climax. What impressed audience most was their nearly all white yet extremely extraordinary design. The distinguished design exceeded people’s wildest imagination.

Two models from the School of Journalism and Communication

There were 22 teams participating in the event, and the group of judges spoke highly of every candidate team. “It is the third time that I have been invited to this event. I’m so glad to see that your performances are getting better and better. All of you expressed your own unique interpretation of the theme and strived for details such as the model accessories and performance layout, which shows the professionalism of all the participants.” Jiang Xiaoxi, one of the judges said, ”I’m so proud of you and I wish the autumn festival success.”

Shen Yishan, who was in charge of the models from the School of Mathematics and Statistics, said that they decided to make use of typical traditional elements to represent the theme ”Dong Fang Hong”. “We combined Chinese classical styles with trendy fashion, which shows that creative ideas could be complementary with traditional culturesthus achieving sustainable development.” She also mentioned that they did not focus too much on tiny details but dedicated to the overall performance.” We learned a lot from mistakes and tried our best to show the audience a delicate performance. Our models behaved excellently tonight! The most important thing was that we created a real series, in which every piece of work differs slightly from each other but still in perfect harmony as a whole. That is the progress we made this year.”

When audiences were asked about their favorite team, everyone held different opinions, which made the competition extremely fierce this year. Even though the School of Journalism and Communication won the championship, all teams expressed their amazing design talent, and exhibited a more innovative way of decorating our lives.

Photo by Chen Ziyao

Edited by Li Minjia, Edmund Wai Man Lai & Hu Sijia



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