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Talent Introduction Fund Council established in WHU: the first domestic talent management institution run by alumni
Author:Wu Jianglong&Huang Chu’an  Date:2017-11-27  Clicks:

Under the strategy of "strengthening the university with talents" and the inspiration to further import talents, the Talent Introduction Fund Council of Wuhan University was officially unveiled in Nanjing on November 5, following the launch of Talent Introduction Fund of Wuhan University on August 26. This council is also the first specialized agency for collecting and managing talent introduction fund run by alumni of domestic universities.

The unveiling ceremony witnessed the presence of President Dou Xiankang, Vice President Li Jiancheng, Vice President Zhou Yezhong and more than 300 alumni representatives from home and abroad, including Chen Dongsheng, Sun Hongbin, Zhou Xuzhou, Yu Gang, Tian Yuan, Ai Luming, Mao Zhenhua, Yan Zhi, Zeng Wentao, Zhu Zhengfu, Jiang Liming and Ruan Li Ping. Zhou Yezhong host the ceremony.

Alumnus Chen Dongsheng was elected as the honorary chairman of the Talent Introduction Fund Council, Zhou Xuzhou as chairman, Mao Zhenhua, Zeng Wentao, Chen Zuotao, He Shaojun, Ruan Liping and Jian Hong as vice chairman, Yu Cheng, Wang Yuangang, and Zhao Jianfeng as executive director, Guo Shuiyao and Zhou Haoren as council member. Dou Xiankang issued the letter of appointment and authorized them.

At the foundation ceremony of the council, Ruan Liping, Wang Yuangang, Zhao Jianfeng, Zhou Hao and other alumni signed an agreement on fund donation respectively with the university, and donated 21 million yuan to the Talent Introduction Fund. Dou Xiankang granted donation certificates to the alumni.

Pursuant to the negotiation between both parties and the relevant provisions of the school, alumni Wang Yuangang and Zhao Jianfeng were appointed directors of the board and President Dou issued certificates of appointment for the new directors.

Dou Xiankang, on behalf of WHU faculty and students, extended his gratitude to the alumni for their concern for the development of their alma mater. He pointed out, Wuhan University is now the at the crucial time of development and the strong supports from all the alumni will certainly bring tremendous boost to the introduction of talents. The establishment of the Talents Introduction Fund Council will play a key role in the development and expansion of the talent importing fund.

Dou Xiankang analyzed the importance of the strategy of "strengthening the university with talents" as well as the current new opportunities and challenges. He clarified that the newly-emerging "Grand Youth", "Excellent Youth" and “Chang Jiang Scholars” from Wuhan University ranks among the top six universities nationwide this year and develops two new national natural science innovation groups. Its historic breakthroughs have been seen in the most important domestic talent programs. “The year of strengthening the university by talents” attracts more attention to talents throughout the university, and makes attainable the goal of introducing about 300 outstanding young and middle-aged talents in five years" Dou Xiankang denoted that Wuhan University is bound to become a high-level talent pool and talent training highland under the joint efforts of all teachers and students and the combined wisdom of alumni across the board.

Chen Dongsheng presented that talents are the foundation of the university development. Talent introduction fund is fundamental to the development and prosperity of WHU. He also indicated that alumni will work together to run well talent introduction fund so as to create better conditions to attract world talents.

The donor representative Ruan Liping pointed out that the core competitiveness of enterprises lies in products. So does that of a university, whose product includes the quality of their students and the output of scientific research. A well-built talent team is essential to these two "products". "We are particularly glad to contribute to the sustainable development of our university," said Ruan Liping.

On the evening of November 5th, the first meeting of the Talent Introduction Fund of Wuhan University was held as scheduled. Dou Xiankang briefed the members of the council on the current situation of talent management in colleges and universities both home and abroad, as well as the strategic concept and thinking of "strengthening the university with talents". The members of the Board sparked a heated discussion about and offered advice on how to run the fund better and how to promote the development of talents. Alumni expressed their willingness to make joint efforts to further alumni's appeal and influence, so as to strengthen and expand the fund for talent importing and managing affairs.

"Wuhan University has awarded me the life-long glory and pride, and I consider it most meaningful to contribute in return to my alma mater." Chairman Zhou Xuzhou stated that the strategy of "strengthening the university with talents" is the current priority and is universally recognized and supported by alumni. He introduced that since the establishment of the fund, the alumni have voluntarily offered their alma mater financial support for the introduction of talents.

"I will make it my life career to run well this fund”. Zhou Xuzhou affectionately said, "the support from our alumni is the inexhaustible source of the fund, and their deep love for the alma mater is doomed to prove fruitful." Meanwhile, Zhou planned to donate another 20 million yuan based on the 30 million yuan donated before to support the fund.

Inauguration ceremony

Awarding ceremony


Rewritten by Jing Huichao

Photo by Yangtze delta lodge of WHU alumni and entrepreneur sodality & Wu Jianglong

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia



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