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WHU awarded Collective Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution in Wuhan Investment Promotion ——10 Alumnus being awarded “The Investment Ambassador of the Year”
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The2018 Wuhan Investment Promotion Conference witnessed the presentation of the WHU Alumnus Association Collective Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution in Wuhan Investment Promotion, with 10 WHU alumni being named “The Investment Ambassador of the Year”. During the conference, 23 organizations and 129 individuals were respectively honored as “2017 Outstanding Investment Contribution Group” and “2017 Outstanding Investment Contribution Person”.

The names of these 10 alumni are listed as follows (arranged in the order of the surnames’ number of strokes): Wang Xuehai, Mao Zhenhua, Liu Baolin, Sun Hongbin, Chen Dongsheng, Zhou Xuzhou, Yan Zhi, Zeng Wentao, Lei Jun, Qian Hong.


Chen Yixin (in the middle), Deputy Secretary of Hubei Province Party Committee, Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee of CPC, is issuing the Collective Special Prize for Outstanding Contribution in Wuhan Investment Promotion.

In the conference, Chen Dongsheng, the Chairman and CEO of Taikang Group and a notable alumnus of WHU, stated that the city’s development strategy of “bringing investment and intelligence back to Wuhan” established a healthy relationship between universities, alumni and the city, which has allowed the three elements to collaborate. This strategy will not only boost development of the city and generate benefits, but also help strengthen its competitiveness upon the fresh backdrop of regional competition.


Chen Yixin (in the right) is awarding Chen Dongsheng (in the left) and other “2017 Investment Ambassadors”.

Over the past few years, the Alumni Association has played an increasingly significant role in WHU’s development. These outstanding people with great achievements nurtured their alma mater in various ways, contributing towards making WHU a nationally renowned university.

The Wanlin Art Museum, inaugurated in December 2014, was donated by Chen Dongsheng,  in celebration of WHU’s 121thanniversary. It is the only art museum in WHU that fundamentally enriches art activities on campus. Not by coincidence, on June 7th, 2017, after 4 years’ construction, the Zhenhua Building finally was inaugurated thanks to the benevolence of Mao Zhenhua, the Chairman of CCXI(an international credit raring company). WHU’s School of Philosophy, Literature and History now share the building of over 20,000 square meters as its workplace. What’s more, on October 20th, 2016, Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, signed an arrangement to donate a technology building for WHU.


The Inauguration Ceremony of Zhenhua Building.

Apart from generous endowments, WHU Alumni Association is also devoting itself to providing more and more opportunities for young generations. Forums are held to provide students with precious experience and advice on entrepreneurship and career planning. Earlier in 2011, the Chairman of Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, Mr. Liu Baolin, attended the “Chutian Lecture” to review his pioneering course of Jointown and communicated with students. In his opinion, the core of success is to do simple things with the greatest efforts. Moreover, Lei Jun is engaged as honorary professor of Computer School, member of the WHU College Board, and tutor for college students to start their own business, and he has even returned to WHU several times to give lectures for the students.

Under the earnest efforts of the WHU Alumni Association, the concept of striving for mutual development and benefits has been pervasive. Alumni of WHU are now playing a more and more significant role in improving the comprehensive strength of WHU as well as promoting the economic development of the city.

(Photo by news.whu.edu.cn)

(Edited by Xu Yumeng, Wang Wei, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)


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