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A total donation of 333 million RMB! Another 10-million donation to energize the Fund of Talent Recruitment
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On the afternoon of April 13th, the signing ceremony was held in the first conference room of Wuhan University’s executive building. Li Guangwen, Chairman of Hubei Chamber of Commerce of Gansu Province and Chief Executive of Shanghai Rongguang Industrial Company, donated 10 million yuan to the Fund of Talent Recruitment, supporting Wuhan University’s developing strategy of “building a nest to attract a phoenix” to bring in high-level talents. So far, alumni donations for this fund have added up to 333 million yuan.


The signing ceremony was attended by Wuhan University’s President Dou Xiankang, Executive Vice President Tan Guangming and principals of relevant functional departments. Other attendants included Hubei Chamber of Commerce of Gansu Province’s Executive Vice President Lu Xiucai and Vice President Zhu Sihong, Chu Shang federation of Chu merchants and Wuhan University Alumni Association’s Secretary GeneralJian Hong and HBTV’s famous host Tian Ye.

The conference was presided by Deng Xiaomei, Chief of Wuhan University’s Alumni Affairs and Development Office, Assistant Director and Secretary General of Wuhan University Education and Development Foundation. Wuhan University’s Executive Vice President Tan Guangming signed a donation agreement with Li Guangwen and awarded him a donation certificate.



President Dou Xiankang presented Li Guangwen with a letter of appointment as university director.

“Previously, I applauded and cheered for alumni’s affection and devotion to our alma mater as secretary general of Wuhan University alumni association. But today, it is of special significance for me to do this as secretary general of Chu Shang federation of Chu merchants.” Jian Hong was very excited to be the matchmaker of this donation.

He said the century-honored Wuhan University has been the cradle of elites who have been contributing to the rise of Chu merchants and their federation. Patriotic and ambitious elites of Chu merchants have been aware of the vital role Wuhan University plays in the development of Hubei province and the rise of central China. Thus, they are willing to do their part. Li Guangwen is one of them. In the future, Wuhan University, in its patriotism and with the national mission, will make further joint efforts with elites of Chu merchants to make greater contributions to the university, the central China and the state as a whole.


Mr. Li said, “Today it is my first visit to Wuhan University. I can feel a century’s accumulation and profound cultural heritage deeply imbedded in every inch of this university. I have always admired Wuhan University though I haven’t been a student here. My affinity with Wuhan University should attribute to Jian Hong. I am deeply touched whenever I see Chen Dongsheng and other alumnus working on the Fund of Talent Recruitment of our alma mater. Being engaged as Wuhan University’s director gives me the huge responsibilities and great honor. I am determined to dedicate to our society together with Wuhan University.”


President Dou expressed his warm welcome and sincere gratitude. He said, the progressing the society has changed the mind of many wealthy and patriotic private entrepreneurs. Nowadays, they tend to repay the society with their fortune accumulated instead of leaving it to their own descendants. More of them choose to donate to university in support of higher education as history has proved that the development of the regional economy of a country and the nation as a whole is inseparable from the progress of universities. A better Wuhan University is expected to further falicitate the development of Hubei local economy.


(Rewritten by Lu Huixin)

(Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli )


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