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WHU: member of ESI Top 1% in molecule-biology and genetics-marking the birth of its 15th ESI discipline
Author:Fan Bo  Date:2017-02-16  Clicks:

According to the data released by Thomson Reuters on 15th January, the discipline of molecule-biology and genetics in Wuhan University has edged into the top 1% on ESIEssential Science Indicatorsranking list. So far, there are 15 ESI disciplines in Wuhan University.


There are 5361 institutes on this ranking list, 197 among which are from China mainland. In contrast of the data in November 2016, each index of Wuhan University shows an upward trend. Wuhan University enjoys an overall ranking of 423 worldwide (5 up) with one more ESI disciplines (15 in total).


This time, there are 700 institutes on the ESI ranking list of molecule-biology and genetics, including 20 mainland Chinese Universities. Wuhan University ranks 689 in the world and 19 among those Chinese universities. From 1st January 2006 to 31st October, Wuhan University published 862 papers on molecule-biology and genetics with 11137 cited frequencies. On average, each paper is cited for 12.92 times and there are five highly cited papers and one ESI hot paper.


By now, there are 15 ESI disciplines in Wuhan University. They are chemistry, material science, clinical medicine, engineering science, biology and biochemistry, botany and zoology, pharmacology and toxicology, physics, agricultural science environmental science and ecology, geosciences, pandect of social science, mathematics, computer science as well as molecule-biology and genetics.


Rewritten by Shen Yuxi

Edited by Hu Sijia


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