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WHU Project Awarded the “Top 10 Scientific Progress of China in 2017”
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The Ministry of Science and Technology released the result of the "Top 10 Scientific Progress of China in 2017". And the first detection of double charmed baryon was awarded the honor. The team from the School of Physics and Technology, WHU, participated in the detection research and made important contributions.


The Certificate of Top 10 Scientific Progress of China in 2017 for the First Detection of Double Charmed Baryon

In July 2017, the LHCb Collaboration Team of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in European Organization for Nuclear Research announced that a new particle called double charmed baryon was discovered for the first time. The Chinese team in LHCb International Collaboration, consisting of members from Tsinghua University, Central China Normal University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wuhan University, played a leading role in the discovery.  

European Organization for Nuclear Research made a special press release on the discovery of “double charmed baryon” which attracted the spotlight of global media. A reviewer commented, “The paper brings the long-expected result, namely the first detection of double charmed baryon.” American Journal of Physics also released a monograph report titled Glamorous Particle, crowning this discovery as “a unique system for researchers to examine Quantum Chromodynamics Theory (QCT).”  

The WHU team led by Professor Sun Liang and Associate Professor Cai Hao from School of Physics and Technology contributed a lot to the project. In fact, WHU team joined in this project in the summer of 2016, shortly after its participation in the LHCb International Cooperation Team.  

Sun Liang explained that their full understanding of the momentum scale of the LHCb detector enables LHCb, on the one hand, to discover the new particle, and on the other hand, to sharpen the accuracy of its mass measurement to higher than one-thousandth.

The team was supported by the state key research project "Frontier Research in Large Scientific Facility", the "Thousand Youth Talents Project" under the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, and the High-level Talent Support Program of WHU.

It is reported that in 2017 the Top 10 Scientific Progress of China include: realization of satellite-to-ground quantum entanglement, key distribution, and teleportation on the level of thousand miles, directly transformation of virus into live vaccines and therapeutic drugs, the first detection of double charmed baryon, the observation of three-component fermions through experiment, preparation and storage of hydrogen at low temperature, the development of the generation of ultra-high strength steel based on coherent nanophase, the preparation of multi-particle entangled state through the certainty of quantum phase transition, the discovery of new type of ancient human fossils in China, the precise custom and synthesis of autosome of yeast, and the development of miniaturized microscopic imaging system through which the free-state brain imaging can be achieved.

(Rewritten by Li Xin, Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi & Hu Sijia)


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