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Wuhan University rocks at AIMUN 2017 and bags 7 awards
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“And the award for the best delegate goes to the students from Wuhan University’.  As soon as that announcement from the Chair resonates in the hall, all your hard work, sleepless nights, exhausting journey, draft resolutions and tiring sessions subside in the background. Representing your university at any forum is, of course, a proud occasion; but when your university name echoes due to your accomplishments, that is a moment to cherish in its truest sense. That is what the delegates from Wuhan University achieved at AIMUN 2017 at Peking University, Beijing.


Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extra-curricular activity in which students role-play delegates to the United Nations and simulate UN committees. Peking University held the Asian International Model United Nations 2017 (AIMUN) from April 13-16, 2017. AIMUN is the largest Model United Nations in China with 11 committees and over 700 delegates participating from as many as 110 schools within and out of China. A group of 10 students from Wuhan University, headed by Ethan Robertson, took part in the conference. The team from Wuhan University reached Beijing a day before the conference was scheduled to begin. The next day the conference started with the opening ceremony in the morning while the first session of conference began in the afternoon of the same day.


The delegates from Wuhan University were placed in six committees the details of which are: Ethan Robertson and Ali Sina represented China in the Economic and Social Council, Claudine Bailey and Lisha Dangol represented China in the Ambassadors Program, Anetka Masanova and Tao Kefan represented Italy in the Security Council, Mohammad Maruf Bashiri represented South Africa in the World Health Assembly, Anastasia Zhemchugova represented Belgium in the UN Women, and Roy Dilawer Khan and Danial Barbosa represented the United States of America in the General Assembly.


The delegates researched, debated, discussed, negotiated with fellow delegates and drafted working papers and resolutions in their respective committees for five sessions. The delegates deliberated on topics ranging from The Situation in South Asia, Reform of United Nations, One Belt-One Road to Ending Sex Trafficking, Enhancing Global Food Safety and addressing the rise of anti-globalization sentiment. Each day was characterized by hotly-debated sessions, diplomatic negotiations during un-moderated caucuses, well-articulated speeches and working papers. Every morning, the delegates would get ready again for yet another day, another session, another display of their tactful diplomacy. The delegates of Wuhan University were no exception to the above-mentioned routine.

In four days of conference, the participants learned and improved many skills which include but are not limited to substantial researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. In the closing ceremony, 7 delegates of Wuhan University were recognized for their extraordinary performances throughout the conference. Claudine Bailey and Lisha Dangol (Ambassadors Program) were acknowledged as the Best Delegates, Ethan Robertson and Ali Sina (ECOSOC), and Maruf Al-Bashri (WHA) were awarded Outstanding Delegate, while Roy Dilawer Khan and Danial Barbosa (General Assembly) grabbed the prize for Honorable Mentions. The AIMUN journey ended with a lot of smiles, satisfaction, new friends, learning experience and not to forget, with scores of group photos and selfies.


Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generous support of the School of International Education. The school offered encouragement and funding for delegates. Thanks also to Freddie Cloke, WISU Executive President, who paved the way for this year’s delegates by being the first foreign student from Wuhan University to attend AIMUN last year. Finally, thank you to the Wuhan University International Students’ Union, who helped to make sure each of our delegates could attend AIMUN and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Below are some thoughts from the delegates themselves:


“AIMUN 2017 was an intense, four days period but with hard work, dedication, strong conviction and a good strategy, the delegation of China managed to pull through and win the title of Best delegation for the Ambassador Program.”

Claudine Bailey, Best Delegate (AP)


“I had an amazing experience at AIMUN. It was challenging, yet a life-learning experience. I felt more confident and I learned a great deal. Meeting some amazing and inspiring people made me think more about how important it is to have more confidence in yourself. I am looking forward to more of such opportunities and I feel grateful to everyone who made it possible.”

Lisha Dangol, Best Delegate (AP)

“Serving as the head delegate for Wuhan University's AIMUN delegation was a pleasure and an honor. Throughout the experience, I was impressed by the hard work of my delegates, and their commitment to representing our university. Working with my partner was a privilege, and our success would not have been possible without his intelligence and drive. AIMUN is equal parts exhausting and rewarding, and everyone who gets a chance should do it!”

Ethan Robertson, Outstanding Delegate (ECOSOC)


“My experience at AIMUN was both an intellectually challenging and rewarding one. You always bring more with you from MUN than you take to it. At AIMUN, there was such a concentration of intelligent people that one cannot help but feel humble. At such a place, there's always more to learn and, in that regard, I feel satisfied to have made the best use of it.”

Ali Sina, Outstanding Delegate (ECOSOC)

“AIMUN 2017 was an outstandingly magnificent experience along with challenging and talented delegates from different countries, all doing their utmost best to Enhance the global food safety in WHA committee. The intense debates and negotiations finally ended with an unfriendly amendment, prioritizing education and public awareness on top of everything else. AIMUN 2017 was one of the best academic experiences I ever had.”

Mohammad Maruf Bashiri, Outstanding Delegate (WHA)


“My experience at AIMUN 2017 was like an intellectual trek over the Great Wall; it was challenging more than you anticipate and each step is more stimulating than the previous one. I recommend all those reading to participate in MUN at least once in a while; it is a very effective supplement for those minds who want to bring some positive change in the world.”

Roy Dilawer Khan, Honorable Mention (UNGA)

As a student of the international relations, attending AIMUN was a really enriching experience. It's a perfect opportunity to improve diplomatic, communication and public speaking skills through both observation and practice. You can learn from the best, as most of the participants are no longer freshmen in this field. For example, I was lucky that in my committee was a delegate who had attended 33 conferences within only a few years!

Anetka Masanova (SC)


Edited by Wuhan University International Students’ Union and Hu Sijia


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