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The 7th WHU-MUN: International and Chinese students’ jointly held conference comes to a successful end
Author:Shi Jingjing  Date:2017-05-22  Clicks:

In mid-May, a feast comprising of a diversity of cultures and ideas were witnessed—— The 2017 Wuhan University’s Model United Nations Conference brought numerous fresh perspectives and left deep impressions on all those involved. How this conference stands out is that it is the first time Chinese and international students formally cooperated in the organization of a student conference, making history in ensuring depth and quality of the issues as well as popularity among other Chinese universities. It also served as an indispensable platform for those engaged in exploring world affairs to strengthen their abilities of doing research, negotiating and having all-round comprehension of global issues and the art of diplomacy. 

The opening ceremony began in the afternoon of 12th May, in School of International Education, following the registration and campus tour for students from other universities. It began with a special welcome to guests: Nie Lei, Party Secretary of Wuhan University Communist Youth League and Cheng Zhen, Vice Dean of the School of International Education. Zhao Yupeng, Director-general of WHUMUN addressed the ceremony introducing the conference and the dais teams. Chair representative Lin Qiao Hai Ruo expressed genuine expectations for the results of the conference.

Finally, Freddie Cloke, Executive President of WISU (Wuhan University International Students’ Union) and Vice Secretary-general of WHUMUN extended sincere thanks to leaders and teachers of Wuhan University Communist Youth League, Department of International Exchange and School of International Education who supported the activities in constant efforts, ending in encouraging delegates to “fire up the conference”.

The conference consisted of three committees, respectively 52nd Special Conference of the Organization of Latin American States, Historical Security Council and United Nations Environment Assembly, where full and adequate debates were demonstrated and confrontations due to different national interests defended to the greatest extent.

In the 52nd Special Conference of Organization of Latin American States, heated and valuable debates over regional terrorism were held. The conference began with discussions on the causes of the terrorism, and then moved to working paper 1.1 and 1.2. In the third session, dais released a terrorism crisis situation in Venezuela on which delegates had to discuss and then produce a draft directive of the crisis. In the end, they passed draft resolution 1.1 headed by the US and Mexico, which proved their close cooperation to be efficient and successful.

In the Historical Security Council, delegates went back to the history of 1960 when the newly-born Democratic Republic of Congo was undergoing a series of challenges in her decolonization process. Faced with domestic instability and interference by Belgium, delegates in the Security Council focused the discussion on the nature and cause of the crisis. Later, delegates covered the issue of the principles of peacekeeping operations through speeches and detailed documents. Although HSC suffered from the deficiency of the number of delegates, students present in this committee still displayed brilliant skills in their public speaking, debating with others and editing qualified documents. Considering that most delegates were new to the MUN activity, it’s surprising that they could take such an immediate and effective response to the Congo Question.

During the five sessions, the delegates of the United Nations Environmental Assembly discussed the Paris Agreement that sought to address the world's growing concern over climate change, adopted by consensus on 12 December 2015. Despite this international consensus, there remains many obstacles to the implementation of the agreement and its policies. The first session began with each of the delegates expressing their support for the Paris Agreement, but it soon became clear that some countries had real hesitations about the threat that it posed to the sovereignty and independence of each country when it came to determining their own environmental policies. The following sessions would see spirited debate over important issues like insuring that each country contributed their fair share to meeting the goal of limiting global temperature rise to 2o C, how developed countries could best help developing countries meet this goal, and what kinds of specific policies would best accomplish it.

These were interspersed with crises presented to the delegates by the chair, wherein they would have to respond to an emergency situation. Throughout, the delegates proved themselves to be knowledgeable and skilled in the art of diplomacy. While they did not pass a draft resolution, this is a reflection of the controversy surrounding the topic, and not the quality of the debaters.

Right before the closure of the meeting on 14th May, the closing ceremony put a satisfactory end to this conference. After playing a video recording of the weekend event, Best Delegates, Outstanding Delegates and Best Journalists of each committee went to excellent participants who indeed deserved it. Ji Liwei, the Vice Secretary-general of WHUMUN delivered a speech praising all the delegates and expressed a promising future ahead for MUN. Furthermore, two wonderful songs by Ayrton and performance by Gravity Hearts, an international student band, moved the whole audience to a climaxing end of the closing ceremony.

Enthusiasm and dedication demonstrated by all participants perfected the conference beyond doubt, despite the number of delegates reduced owing to adjournment. From 12th to 14th, Chinese and foreign students who partook in this event gained far more than they imagined. Needless to say, it’s firmly believed that such kind of activity will thrive, prompting culture exchange and broadening students’ scopes. Meanwhile, more cooperation of WHUMUN and WISMUN (WISU) in organizing such significant activities in the future will be warmly welcomed. 






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