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National Opera Love Makes a House a Home warmed Luojia Hill by WHU’s faculty and students
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On the evening of Oct, 14th, National opera Love Makes a House a Home, as one of the outstanding works on the third Hubei Arts Festival in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Reform and Openning-up, made a hit in Luojiashan Theater, Wuhan. As the first national opera in China presented by a comprehensive university, this show has a special team whose chief playwrights, protagonists, members of the orchestra and chorus are all from the acting class and vocal class of Department of Arts, Art Student Symphony Orchestra, Haiyan Chorus of Wuhan University and Jingzhou City Nine Culture Media Co. Ltd.

Love Makes a House a Home was a well-made Chinese national opera, based on the real story of Liu Defen, “National Model of Filial Piety and Respecting the Senior” and the former dean of a welfare house in Mahaokou Town, Gong’an County. All faculty and students have elaborated on this opera and had numerous rehearsals in all their spare time even during the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day holiday. Finally, the great success of this show proved all their efforts worthwhile, and it deeply touched the audience with its praise on things of truth, goodness and beauty.

Backstage Preparation

Nutshell Grandpa, performed by student Peng Peng from 2014 vocal performance class, is wearing fake beard under the dresser’s help.

Yan Zelin and Hu Shuli from 2016 acting class are in vocalization.

Liu Jiamin, a figurant from 2014 vocal performance major, is making the last check on her make-up before staging.

Stage Photos

The curtain up and the lights on, the actors and actresses are gradually bringing the audience into a welfare house of last century, with their moves and facial expressions.

Liu Defen actress, Professor Lei Yuan from vocal class is co-performing with Peng Peng(Nutshell Grandpa actor).

The perfect performance of Professor Lei and Peng Peng won warm applause from time to time.

Zhang Shiqing (Qiu Hong actress) from 2014 vocal performance class (leftmost).

Zhang Zeyuan (Yang Fan actor), from 2014 vocal performance class.

Zhou Ying (Big Joy actress) from 2014 vocal performance major (first from left)

Liu Yuning (Bench actor) from 2015 vocal performance major (first from right)


At the end of the show, all performers came on the stage to answer the curtain call one by one. Dean of Department of Arts, Prof. Lou Danli delivered a speech and especially spoke highly of students from WHU Student Art Orchestra in the orchestra pit. Unlike the full-time students of art major, they are from other departments of WHU who participated in this show merely out of their interest in music. To their credit, they devoted numerous after-class time to the practice in spite of heavy schoolwork.

Chief Director Mr. Deng Desen staged on to express his thanks.

Photo by Chen Yaqi

Rewritten by He Jingyi, edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia


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