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Autumn in Wuhan University
Author:Yang Ziqing  Date:2019-01-07  Clicks:

Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter. It often creeps and sneaks quietly in Wuhan. This year it arrives very late. Though belated, it’s more beautiful than ever before and paints Luojia Mountain for her debut to Wuhan University.

In Wuhan University, osmanthus is to the autumn what cherry blossom is to the spring. Every year in October, strolling around campus, you will be enchanted by the fragrance of osmanthus permeating the air. Just stop by osmanthus trees to feel the seasonal shift and get ready to embrace the autumn.

After the farewell to the osmanthus, WHU welcomes another beauty-- ginkgo. In autumn, umbrella-shaped ginkgo leaves change from green to yellow. Along the Cherry Avenue stand several towering ginkgo trees with thick trunk. In the late autumn, ginkgo leaves will fall down, with withered leaves piling around the tree and waiting to fertilize the soil.




Hibiscus mutabilis in the Maple Garden presents another unique glamour in autumn. Those cup-shaped blooming flowers, with its faint pink petals and light yellow buds, are enchanting us to stop by and linger over.


At all seasons you can enjoy different beauty of Wuhan University.

Photo by Yang Ziqing

Rewritten by Liang Guoying

Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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