Lecture by Prof. Kanyi PU(Oct. 27th)



Title:Biodegradable Polymer Nanoparticles for Molecular Imaging and Phototherapy

Speaker:Prof. Kanyi PU

Date: 15:00p.m.,Oct.27th, 2017

Room: Teachers' Home




The convergence of medicine and nanotechnology has been providing new opportunities to better understand fundamental biology, monitor health, perform diagnosis and treat diseases. Semiconducting polymer nanoparticles (SPNs) transformed from optically and electrically active polymers have emerged as a new class of optical nanomaterials. As those polymers are completely organic and biologically inert, SPNs essentially circumvent the issue of heavy metal ion-induced toxicity to living organisms, possessing good biocompatibility. In this talk, I will present a new kind of biodegradable SPNs for ultrasensitive molecular imaging. The potential clinical applications of these SPNs will be discussed in imaging-guided surgery including lymph node mapping and tumor imaging. In addition, these nanoparticles can be developed into useful tools for real-time in vivo evaluation of drug-induced hepatotoxicity, a long-standing concern of modern medicine.

Author Biography

Dr. Kanyi Pu has been an Associate Professor in the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE) at Nanyang Technological University since June 2015. He did his MS (2007) at Fudan University in China. He then came to Singapore and did his PhD (2011) at National University of Singapore. He moved to Stanford University School of Medicine for his postdoctoral study in 2011, trained in the molecular imaging program at Stanford (MIPS). As an active member of MIPS and the Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence and Translation (CCNE-T), he made significant contributions to organic polymer based imaging probes and technologies, such as photoacoustic imaging, chemiluminescence imaging and in vivo imaging of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.

Dr. Pu has published more than 90 journal papers, 2 book chapters and 6 patents. With a h-index of 41, his work has been highlighted by many world-renown scientific journals such as Nature Biotechnology, Nature Methods, and Cell Express el al. He also sits on the Editorial Board of Advanced Biosystems.






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