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Contributions Wanted
Contributions Wanted

Contributions Wanted for the English Official Website of Wuhan University

To better promote the internationalization of Wuhan University (WHU) and broaden the sources of contributions on its English official website, the Student English Correspondent is now soliciting original English and photo contributions from all students in WHU.

Contributions are warmly welcomed on the following subjects:

1. English newsletters or original contributions on campus life, academic activities, exchange experiences,  features of outstanding  individuals and groups, etc., with pictures and descriptions attached if needed;

2. Photographs on campus scenery,  student activities, academic research, etc.,  with Chinese or English descriptions if necessary.

Please name your work “Contribution + Title + Author’s name” and send it as an attachment to news@whu.edu.cn. The author's real name, college, student number and phone n umber should be indicated in the email. The contributions will be reviewed within 3 working days. Those that meet the standard of the website will be adopted, and a certain remuneration will be given to the author.We will review the contribution within 3 working days, adopt the one that match the website positioning and meet standards, and give appropriate payments to its author.

The Contribution Wanted is valid for a long time. The right of interpretation belongs to the Office of International Affairs, WHU.

October 12, 2020

Student English Correspondent of WHU

Format descriptions:

Title—Font: Times New Roman; Size: four; Center

Author—Size: small four; Center

Body text—Font: Times New Roman; Size: small four; Indentation (Special): None; Alignment: Justify

Line spacing—1.5 lines; extra 0.5 lines spacing before and after each paragraph

Picture—Center; Signature: Photo by + the photographer's name

Picture descriptions—Font: Times New Roman; Size: small four; in Italics

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