Four Professors in College of Chemistry and Molecular Science were Included in Global Highly Cited Researchers 2018 List

Clarivate Analytics published its annual Highly Cited Researchers (HCR) list of 2018 in its fifth year at the end of November. More than 4000 worldwide highly cited researchers from 21 fields of sciences and social sciences were named. Four professors of Wuhan University included in the list are all from College of Chemistry and Molecular Science (CCMS). They are Academician Lina Zhang, Prof. Hanxi Yang, Prof. Aiwen Lei and Prof. Yuliang Cao, among whom Academician Zhang, Prof. Yang and Prof. Cao were named in the interdisciplinary field and Prof. Aiwen Lei was named in Chemistry.

Clarivate Analytics is ta global, information-led company with a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation by providing trusted insights and analytics to customers around the world and enabling them to discover, protect and commercialize new ideas, faster. The HCR list reflects those researchers’ work are unanimously recognized by their global peers. Four professors being included is the recognition of their excellent academic work and meanwhile displays the achievement of the discipline construction in CCMS.

Translated by Fangzhou Zhao, Translation Group of CCMS.

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