Lecture by Professor Xiaopeng Li (Dec 3, 2019)

TitlePushing the Limits of Coordination-Driven self-Assembly: Construction of Giant 2D and 3D Supramolecular Architectures

LecturerProfessor Xiaopeng Li(University of South Florida)

Time9:00-11:30 a.m., Dec 3rd,2019Tuesday

PlaceConference Room 210, Chemistry Building(West)


Due to its highly directional and predictable feature, coordination-driven self-assembly has evolved into a well-established methodology for constructing 2D and 3D supramolecules. Up to date, this field has matured in the context of a large variety of macrocycles and polyhedra, which however, still suffered from a lack of complexity and thus were unable to reach the high degrees of functionality found in natural systems. With the goal of assembling structures with high complexity, we pushed the limits of coordination self-assembly through constructing a series of giant 2D and 3D supramolecular architectures.

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