Lecture by Associate Professor Fernando J. Uribe-Romo (Dec 18, 2019)

TitleHigh-symmetry MOFs as matrices for organic-based substitutional solid solution functional materials

LecturerAssociate Professor Fernando J. Uribe-Romo

Time3:00 p.m., Dec 18th,2019Wednesday

PlaceConference Room 210, Chemistry Building(West)


Preparation of stable, organic-based substitutional solid solutions (SSS) with tunable properties is hindered–among other factors–by the lack of predictability of the crystal packing of organic compounds. Their preparation enable accessing molecular properties observed in solution, but now in the crystalline solid-state, and allow creating high-precision organic-based materials for real-life applications. In this presentation we demonstrate that high-symmetry, water stable, multivariate metal-organic frameworks, MTV MOFs, can be utilized as matrices for SSS of organic links. High-symmetry cubic MOFs allow for an unprecedented level of synthetic control over the crystal structure of organic compounds, because of the low number of crystallographic degrees of freedom to control (only one lattice parameter), and their ability to integrate links of varied chemical functionality. We incorporated organic links of same metrics, yet with varied predetermined molecular activity (e.g., fluorescent or redox), into MOFs as SSS at controllable ratios, enabling control of their concentration dependent traits, as well as in their crystal packing. As a result, we prepared high-symmetry SSS MOFs that exhibit phenomena such as dilute multifluorophore emission, J-aggregate emission, redox conductivity, and site-selective photoredox activity in materials that are also stable to water and humidity with long shelf life.

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