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Key Laboratory of Biomedical Polymer Materials(MOE)

Key Laboratory of Biomedical Polymer Materials of Ministry of Education (Wuhan University), formerly known as the Open Laboratory of Biomedical Polymer Materials of Ministry of Education, has carried out a series of researches in the field of biological materials since the 80s in last century. In 2003, the Lab was approved as the Key Lab by Ministry of Education. The Lab currently has more than 40 permanent researchers, with prof. Xianzheng Zhang as the director.

Responding to the major needs of the nation, the Lab focuses on basic research in the field of biomaterials and try to solve important scientific problems in this field, which mainly involves the new synthetic technology of functionalized biomaterials, drug and gene delivery materials, natural polymer biomaterials, new clinical materials, and biomedical materials.

At present, the Lab has become an important research base of biomedical polymer materials in China, which owns a reasonably-structured research team representing the national level and showing the international competitiveness. A series of original research achievements reaching the international advanced level have been made, drawing the attention and affirmation from international counterparts and showing an important international influence. The Lab has become an innovation base for carrying out high-level research, a training base for high-quality talents, and an academic exchange platform with important international influence.

The Lab has undertaken a large number of important research projects including those supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National Key R&D Plan, Science Foundation for the Excellent and Young Scholars of Ministry of Education of China, and Foundation for Innovative Research Groups, the State Key Program, Major Research Plan, Major Research Project Integration Program, Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, Funds for International Cooperation and Exchange, and Surface (including youth) Projects of NSFC.


Each year, about 100 SCI papers are published, including Journal of American Chemical Society, Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, Nature, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, ACS Nano, Biomaterials and other important journals in this discipline. Its academic achievements have attracted the attention of international counterparts and have been highly appraised. Since 2008, the Lab has won one national second prize, two provincial first-level prizes and two second-class prizes.

 Good achievement was made in the Assessment of Key Laboratories by the Ministry of Education(2013)

Translated by Yucheng Liu, edited by Rui Lai

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