Anqin Yang: Distinguished Alumni of College of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences

Anqin Yang

Global (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager (China chem)

Anqin Yang  was born in 1939 in Longxi Fujian. In 1961, she graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University. She founded Univesal (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd. in 1991. After twenty years of development and growth, the company establishs a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with a number of the world's top European and American equipment manufacturers, and becomes their exclusive agent in mainland China and Hong Kong region for many years. The company has a large number of customers in the petrochemical, material testing, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, food, laser and abrasive industry and other fields. The company becomes a well-known suppliers of high-tech instrument and equipment to provide high-quality test equipment and equipment, professional, comprehensive and thoughtful first-class service for the industry. Due to these rapid developments, the company becomes an industry leader.

Ms. Yang is very concerned about the development and teaching reform of her alma mater. In 2006, she donated more than 80 million yuan to the School of Chemistry, and established Huamao Laboratory for the research and innovation practice for undergraduates of college of chemistry. To reward and subsidize the students of school of chemistry successfully completed their studies, in November 20, 2008, Ms. Yang donated 500,000 yuan to her alma mater again to enrich the "Zeng Zhaolun scholarship". (Translated by Yucheng Liu from the Translation Group of CCMS)


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