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Following the Sakura:what are Wuhan University students doing in this pleasant spring?

Author:Wu Jiaxi, Wang Jiashu, Zhang Ruiyu

With ice melting and temperature climbing, spring is just around the corner. Walking along Yinghua Road or along Star Lake and fascinated by the view of various Sakura blossoming, we immerse ourselves in the vitality of spring. Following the scent of the flowers, let’s have a look at what the students are doing in different places.

Surrounded by the purely white Cerasus Yedoensis, the Humanities Science Hall welcomes the first ray of sunshine in the morning, quietly waiting for the first student to enter and the first lesson to begin. The building is home to the Wuhan University Art University, offering different venues like a dance room and a recording studio. This enchanting building is where we can find students dancing, singing and acting , showing the energy of young people.

Strolling along Ziqiang Road, we come across a great many kinds of Sakura, including Cerasus Serrulata ‘grandiflora’, which features light green petals, and Cerasus Discoidea, which is exquisite and delicate. Among the Sakura trees stands a unique building taking the shape of an irregular geometry, named the Wanlin Art Museum. The museum currently holds an exhibition on the educational achievements of Wuhan University in the new era, attracting many student visitorsand giving them a sense of great pride.

Located beside the cafeteria of the Information Department Star Lake is one of the best places to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms, surrounded by various Sakura. However, if you go there at noon, you will find that many students pass the lake quickly without even giving it a glance, rushing to the cafeteria for their lunch. It’s an interesting and harmonious scene, combining peaceful flowers with hurrying crowds, showing the dynamism of the students and spring.

While captivating during daytime, the blossoms can become even more fascinating at night. This photo shows the graceful Sakura near the renowned Cherry Castle. Tranquil ivory-colored lamp light, together with the shadows projected onto the pedals, composes a magnificent symphony of sight. These exquisite, simple but elegant blossoms dance all night long to the rhythm of the breeze, emitting a refreshing fragrance that enchants the entire campus after dark. Postgraduates living in the  Yingyuan dormitory always halt their steps on their way back from the library late at night. Holding cameras in their hands, they take pictures of the blossoms and then fall asleep surrounded by the peaceful fragrance.

It’s always a pleasure to admire the ancient buildings in Wuhan University, especially when the blooming Sakura are at their peak. The Administration Building, with a history of nearly 100 years, stands next to a Sakura forest, where students and tourists take photos of the picturesque rain-like falling pedals. The symbolic cyan tiles correspond to the pink-white flowers very well. It's fascinating how architecture and nature come together to symbolize both the university's history and its academic ethos. It's moments like these that truly capture the essence and uniqueness of Wuhan University's Sakura.

Sakura season in Wuhan University usually falls in late March. But there are quite a lot of flowers that eagerly bloom before Sakura season. Prunus Xintrorsa, positioned on the lawn in front of the No. 5 Teaching Building, serves as a vibrant herald of spring for all students. Pink pedals, dotted with bright-yellow stamen, smile brightly under the blue sky, creating a cheerful sight. Students after class always gather around the trees and bask in the beauty of nature's gift.

Spring has quickened its pace, and the daily life of students on campus has become more colorful. No matter which part of the campus they are in, they will capture the unique beauty of spring in Wuhan University. From the vibrant gatherings under the blossoming Sakura trees to the quiet study sessions by the tranquil lakeside, students can find inspiration and inner peace by appreciating all the flowers and other creatures. Occupied with the heavy workload of learning, the sight of blooming flowers serves as a reminder to pause, appreciate the moment, and find solace and joy in the fleeting beauty of spring.

Edited by Zhang Juchen