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A Blend of East and West: The New Year’s Concert of 2015
Author:Dai Zhang, Xiao Liu  Date:2015-01-08  Clicks:

According to a widely circulated list of 100 ‘Must do’ things on campus at Wuhan University, going to the New Year’s Concert is undisputedly at the top. Through the years, the New Year’ Concert has become a campus cultural tradition at the turn of the year, for which the beyond-demand tickets reveals its momentous popularity.

On the evening of Dec. 31st of 2014, the annual New Year’s Concert was held as scheduled at the College Students’ Activity Center. The concert was performed cooperatively by the Symphonic Orchestra and the Petrel Lassie Choir of the College Students Art Group of WHU. The three-hour long musical feast attracted more than 1400 teachers and students.

While the symphony symbolizes a significant musical composition in the Western classical music, the New Year’s Concert this year highlighted much more Chinese elements in the arranging of its repertoire.

Under the conductor Jiang Baian, senior conductor at WHU, and the Dutch conductor Lute Brommer as well as two  students, several works by  Strauss, such as Die Fledermaus Overture and Feuerfest op.269, were preformed, creating a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere to welcome the New Year. The Western music pieces were followed by some Chinese classical great works and folk music including The Butterfly Lovers' Violin Concerto, Jasmine Flower, The Prairie and so on. The beautiful songs performed by the Petrel Lassie Choir added to the splendor of these musical compositions. 

(Rewritten by Yumeng Peng, edited by Diana & Sijia Hu)


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