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Representatives of Australia in China visited WHU for deeper communication and mutual cooperation
Author:Li Qionglu  Date:2017-03-27  Clicks:

In March, the most attractive and fascinating season in Wuhan University (WHU), everything is bathed in spring breeze and warm sunshine. The blooming cherry blossom welcomed the visits of Mr. Graeme Meehan, Consul General of Australian Consulate General in Shanghai, and Ms. Katherine Vickers, Minister Counsellor of Embassy of Australia..

Vice President of WHU, Professor Li Fei, staffs of functional departments, and delegates of visiting students to University of Wollongong participated in the relevant meetings. The two parties successfully reached consensus for enhancing communication and encouraging mutual cooperation in the future.

WHU has maintained frequent and fruitful communication with Australian universities and research institutes for a long time. Cooperation channels have been established with Australian National University, University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, University of New South Wales, and Curtin University. Via the platform of Australian Research Center, WHU has been developing long-term cooperative relations with Australian-China Council and Australian Research Foundation in China. Equal attention is also paid to mutual visiting programs for students and professors, as well as cooperative research mechanisms with Macquarie University and University of Wollongong. Moreover, built in 2016, Australian Research Center at WHU is still the exclusive one in Hubei Province. Since its establishment, the Research Center has attained multiple cooperative outcomes in realms of translatology, literature, law, etc.

On March 2nd, Professor Li Fei presented a detailed introduction on recent development of WHU and the achievements of communications with Australian universities and research institutes in the meeting held with Mr. Graeme Meehan and his fellows. Graeme Meehan reckoned that the Australian Research Center has always been playing an active role in Hubei and has brought both parties fruitful results. It bridges communication and cooperation between WHU and University of Wollongong. The parties have reached further consensus to push forward the all-round collaboration between the two sides based on Australian Research Center.

Ms Katherine Vickers also shares this optimistic attitude. During her visit to WHU on March 14th, Ms. Katherine Vickers speaks highly of the international exchange affairs of WHU and the close partnership between WHU and Australian government. She said that Australia is looking forward to more communication with WHU, one of the best universities in China. Endowed with strong and distinctive disciplines, the cooperation between the two sides will bear abundant fruits in the years to come.




Rewritten by Zhang Qiyue,

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia





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