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The Spring of Luojia—a feast of technology and invention
Author:Zhang Dai and Gao Ke  Date:2017-05-24  Clicks:

Drones circling low, immersive VR glasses, smart cars automatically recognizing the routes, novel interconnected innovation on paper… a series of the latest technological results of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship are exhibited closely on May 13. This is the opening ceremony of the fifteenth Spring of Luojia festival of technology and culture together with the technology open day. The students and faculties are attracted to this feast of technology and invention.


Zhao Xuemei, Vice Party Secretary of Wuhan University was present at the ceremony. She extended her sincere expectations in the speech that the young scholars should always touch the pulse of the time and keep pace with it while stick to their steadfast initial motivation and lofty aspirations. She also stated that the young students should be actively engaged in the innovation and entrepreneurship activities with pioneer spirit and determination. The young students should also devote themselves and seek for the truth, fighting for honor and achievemnets. The Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities will foster their springtime that will shine in the dedication.


Shi Qi, director of the University Innovation practice Center and also an undergraduate student of grade 2013, briefly introduced the festival.

“With the experience of technology innovation, I can better understand the corresponding specialized theoretical knowledge. In reverse, the study of theory can promote the innovation of technology,” shares Cai Changsong about his experience and feelings, who is representative of students with outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship, master student of grade 2015 at the School of Electrical Engineering.


It is known that the Spring of Luojia Technology Festival is the frontline of WHU to promote the education of “creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship” and is also a grand meeting of the students of WHU annually. There have been fourteen meetings and this one is held from May to July with four themes  of “scientific knowledge popularization”, “determined academic innovation”, “novel ideas of creativity” and “exploration into the future space”. After the projectized operation and bidding & tendering section at the early stage, there were nineteen units winning the bidding of 27 projects in all. At present, the projects are conducted under forms such as “Opening courses of Luojia” and “Forum of innovation” to expand the innovation and entrepreneurship activities among the students in WHU.


Rewritten by Jin Yiwen

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia



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