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“Comma”—Exhibition of Works by Graduates from School of Urban Design
Author:Chen Ziyao  Date:2017-07-03  Clicks:

The green and vibrant June embraces the annual Exhibition of works by graduates from School of Urban Design. The past four years endow the graduates with knowledge and inspirations, thus eventually giving birth to these marvelous works. Immature as they may seem, these works are the fruits of their efforts and wisdom, which fully reflect their talents and brilliance.

This is a children-oriented product for diabetes monitoring and injecting. Recent years have witnessed an increasing number of diabetes victims with a younger trend. This product has the design of a systematic monitoring and injecting procedure. It brings the ideas that gear to children’s cognition and behaviors into diabetes product design, consciously or unconsciously. In this way, a relevantly relaxing treating atmosphere is provided and the young patients can understand the disease more correctly. Meanwhile, the non-invasive monitoring helps to get rid of the pain of needle inserting for children.

This is a multi-functional sleeper. With the fast development of this modern society and people’s fast-paced life, the bubbling sound and thermal pollution in the urban areas have so remarkably affected people’s sleep that many of them are suffering from insomnia. Against this backdrop, the designer brings out this product to make people better-off. The cave design is inspired by the ancient habitat, which provides the ease of “back-to-nature”. It makes people feel secure with those functions of soundproofing shading.

This is a smart safe infusion. With the fast development of the Internet and “Industry 4.0”, the traditional medical devices fail to meet people’s demand. This work is an innovative design of safe infusion. To solve the problems that appear in intravenous injection, the designer created such a device for injection detecting, so that the quality of medical service can be improved and the patients’ safety can be largely guaranteed.

This is a direction made of porcelain pieces. The unexpected situation and uncertainty during the porcelain making process give birth to the glamour of porcelain making. Imperfection is a kind of unusual beauty. The designer brings us a different visual delight through the creation on porcelain cracks and the combination repairing techniques with some other materials.

This desk is designed for young painting-lovers. The multifunctional storage desk can better satisfy children’s action space while painting and help them form good habits.

More works are as follows.

Photo by Chen Ziyao

Translated by Shen Yuxi

Edited by Hu Sijia


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