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WHU together with 10 disciplines deemed Double First-class
Author:Hu Yue, Hu Zixin  Date:2017-10-20  Clicks:

Wuhan University and 10 disciplines were selected as first-class university and first-class discipline on September 21st according to the Notification of the Publication of the List of World First-rate Universities and First-rate Disciplines.

The Double First-class scheme is a national strategic plan for higher education development after “211 project” and “985 project” expired. It aims to enhance the overall competitiveness and international profile of higher education in China.

After nearly 2 years of selection and assessment, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission have declared the list of Double First-rate universities and disciplines, including 42 first-rate universities (36 Class A, 6 Class B) and 95 universities with disciplines to be strategically developed.

Wuhan University is among the list of A-class first-rate universities, together with Peking, Tsinghua and 34 other universities. 10 disciplines from Wuhan University are selected as first-rate disciplines, as listed in the following chart.



Theoretical Economics

Economics and Management School

Theory of Law

School of Law

Basic Theory of Marxism

School of Marxism


School of Chemistry and Molecular Science


School of Geodesy and Geomatics


School of Life Sciences

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering

Mining Engineering

School of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Engineering


School of Stomatology (Hospital of Stomatology, Wuhan University)

Science of Library, Information and Archival

School of Information Management

Ten first-rate disciplines from WHU

Wuhan University has formulated an overall first-rate university development plan. The plan has already been discussed and revised by experts both domestically and abroad, and WHU is paying close attention to its implementation. In the process of developing double first-class disciplines, WHU aims to transform itself into a world first-class university with Chinese characteristics by 2020, and enhance its overall strength as well as core-competencies to a world-leading position by 2050. There is no doubt that this notification serves as a positive affirmation of past efforts.


Edited by Li Yunzhen, Sun Jingyi, Edmund Wai Man Lai & Hu Sijia




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