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Li Jiancheng: research with a persistent spirit of craftsmanship
Author:Shi Yuehan  Date:2017-11-08  Clicks:

Based on the theory, methodology and application of Satellite Geodetic Surveying, an outstanding research team led by Li Jiancheng, a Chinese Academy of Engineering academician in the School of Geodesy and Geomatics of Wuhan University (WHU), has successfully earned a spot in the creative research groups, which are assessed and selected by the National Natural Foundation of China. So remarkable is the honor that only 38 teams have acquired it nationwide.

Li Jiancheng, accompanied by Professor Jiang Weiping, Xu Caiju, Yao Yibin, Shen Wenbin and Zhang Xiaohong, has long been committed to the study of geodesy and related fundamental frontier fields of study. Adopting data observed through satellite geodetic surveying technology, members of Li Jiancheng’s team have conducted studies on appropriate methods of dealing with sophisticated figures, geodetic inversion arithmetic, and numerical simulation analysis techniques. Through their studies, problems including ultra-high degree and high resolution earth gravity field modeling, unification of global height datum, optimization and fusion of multi-GNSS navigation and positioning are likely to be solved. Professor Li Jiancheng also leads his team to dedicate to a wide variety of parameters characterizing earth movements and mechanics of earth media. Focusing on representative geophysics phenomena, the team explores dynamics principles and deduces laws of its occurrence and evolution. The findings of this project are expected to cover fields such as geodesy, earthquake, ocean, space environment and hydrology, promoting innovative developments of geodesy and related inter-disciplines.

Teacher and scientific researcher are two main important roles that Li Jiancheng considers to have been played by himself during his years in WHU. Now also working as the vice president of WHU, he has been more distracted with administrative tasks. However, Li still manages to incorporate his achievements in scientific research with teaching methods, in this way he is able to renew and optimize the section whenever necessary. ”We should have a strong ambition to accomplish everything to its perfection,” which Professor Li calls the “spirit of craftsmanship.”

As a scientific researcher of geodesy and surveying, Li Jiancheng has achieved a number of innovative results with international influence, signifying that WHU is leading the way in the field globally, and also, undoubtedly, has fostered the whole domestic study in this field.

Edited by Li Minjia, Edmund Wai Man Lai & Hu Sijia


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