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“One Belt, One Road, One Family” -Luojia Golden Autumn International Cultural Festival Held at WHU
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Initially launched in 2004, Luojia Golden Autumn International Cultural Festival, one of Wuhan University’ brand activities, has become a shining part of international students’ campus life. On the sunny November 18th, international students from over 100 countries and regions gathered at the Gui Yuan (Osmanthus Garden) playground, presenting us with excellent performances and exhibitions during this 13th cultural festival with the theme of “One Belt, One Road, One Family”.

The international students were performing in the opening ceremony

North Korean students

Korean students

Ukrainian students

The international students from different countries and regions are the protagonists of the international culture festival. These ethnically dressed friends with various nationalities, complexions and races make unique traditional delicacies, show exquisite ornaments, postcards and even books introducing their local conditions and customs. These booths are also decorated with scenery photos and posted with Chinese-English brief introductions of their countries. Going around the Gui Yuan playground is just like having a world tour.

Girls form the Republic of Uzbekistan are presenting their local delicacies

Students from Madagascar are exhibiting African-style ornaments

The booth of Korea is popular. Korean students are providing barbecue and services like stamping and checking out

Luojia Golden Autumn International Cultural Festival is not only a platform for Chinese students to get in touch with foreign friends, but also a carnival and opportunity for international students to enhance cultural exchanges.

A Chinese student is taking photos with a Laotian student

A Jordanian female student is showing ethnic culture brochure to a Pakistani girl

A Vietnamese girl was wandering during the festival

Friends are taking selfies in memory of the day

Ukrainian and Russian students were taking photos with a Chinese uncle

In this festival, everyone can buy a “passport” at 10 RMB, which later could collect stamps in each booth.

Taking this passport, we could travel around the world.

But the most exciting part of the exhibition is…… the food of all countries!

And the most adorable part is……the cute children!

(Rewritten by Zheng Lingling, Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia )


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