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WHU Alumni Association in Russia established
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On October 17th, the fair autumn witnessed the establishment of Alumni Association of Wuhan University at the Education Office of Chinese Embassy in Russia.

A group photo

Cui Qiang and Gao Yan Qiuyu were appointed as Chairman and Secretary-General respectively. Alumni in Russia attended this ceremony together with Han Jin,  Secretary of CPC Committee of Wuhan University, who was visiting Russia then. Yu Jiha, Minister-Counselor of the Education Office of Chinese Embassy in Russia and Zhan Tao, Director of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, were also present.

Han Jin presented an association flag on the spot and made a speech. He pointed out that the establishment of this association promoted and solidified the good neighborliness between China and Russia. This association is expected to bind people of these two nations and provide necessary supports to those alumni far away from WHU. Meanwhile Han called for more attention and backing from the alumni on the development of WHU as they always do.

Yu Jihai, Minister-Counselor of the Education Office of Chinese Embassy in Russia, appreciated WHU for its efforts in promoting educational exchanges between China and Russia and encouraged the newly-established association to play an equally important role.

Zhan Tao, Director of UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, also conveyed his congratulations and gave an introduction on UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, with the hope to strengthen the communication and collaboration with WHU alumni. 

On behalf of the young generation of WHU alumni, Na Changzhe, class of 2017,  shared his observation and feeling on the different campus life in WHU and Moscow State University. Zhou Wenyi, Counselor of the Customs Department of the Chinese Embassy in Russia, also recalled his life in WHU and invited more exchanges among WHU alumni on this platform.

Cui Qiang, the newly appointed chairman, promised to strengthen the cohesion between all alumni in Russia and render their sense of belonging when studying and living abroad as well as arouse their contributions to the Alma Mater and their homeland.

The conference room was crowded with warm greetings among the alumni. All the attendees were indulged in the memories of those old golden times at the sight of the fascinating pictures taken in WHU, accompanied by the familiar campus melody.  

WHU alumni

(Rewritten by Lu Xinqiang, edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia)

Source:WHU Alumni Association

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