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Zall Stadium
Author:Ye Huaiqian  Date:2018-11-09  Clicks:

Wuhan University’s Zall Stadium, donated by Zall Group, is one of the largest campus stadiums in China. On August 28th 2018, Zall Stadium and Dangdai Graduate Building were officially inaugurated on the same day.

The main hall and wings of Zall Stadium share the classic WHU style which is easily recognizable by the color of Luo Jia Green and glazed tiles roof. Viewed from the sky, the stadium looks like an open book, perfectly matching, and adding radiance to, the surrounding historical buildings.

Zall Stadium also lends expression to modern charm. The linear design of its appearance and the comprehensive application of new technologies -- such as BIM, VR, 3D printing and 3D scanning -- distinguish it from other buildings and turn it into a new landmark of Wuhan University.

A slate, engraved  with the name of donor and the time of construction, is placed at the entrance.

The great stadium, luxuriously decorated and well-equipped with over 8,000 seats, stands in eager anticipation of the next grand event.

Sunlight seeps through the ridge of the roof, illuminating the court, the auditorium and also the hanging Five-Starred Red Flag and the WHU flag.

The Northern Wing is less striking in appearance.

The branches share a similar structure with the main hall. Both have a basketball court with a large digital display in the middle, even though they are not equipped with surrounding auditorium.

Since its inauguration, Zall Stadium has hosted two school opening ceremonies, and it is scheduled to host the badminton competition of the 19th Military World Game. Even though at present the stadium still only receives few visitors, it is soon expected to embrace the future crowds.

(Rewritten by Zheng Xiaoxia, Edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi&Hu Sijia)


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