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For your 125th birthday, the most beautiful WHU
Author:Yang Ziqing  Date:2018-12-19  Clicks:

The year of 2018 marks the 125th anniversary of WHU. Embraced by the Luojia Mountain and the East Lake, she has long been considered one of the most beautiful universities. Her beauty, like a rainbow, is colorful.

Red lies in the windows of Cherry Castle,

stretches of maple leaves in Maple Garden,

the camellia blooming in winter’s Lover Slope,

also, the East Lake intoxicating sunset glow.

Orange is flourishing in WHU’s autumn,

the season we start our school,

and the evening we are together,

for the most unforgettable and most fantastic views

along the Cherry Avenue.

Yellow is accompanied by sweet osmanthus,

at the Plum playground,

at the Olympic Stadium,

in front of the Administrative Building,

and, the gingko at the archway gate,

immersed in the enchanting aroma.

Green, scattering everywhere,

is also a cherished charm.

From hill to hill and path to path,

it is stretching uninterrupted,

amid the luxuriant green,

around the mountain and beside the lake.

Cyan comes with the moonlight,

with mists and drizzles.

Atop the Cherry Castle,

the beauty of moon shows in full,

The twinkling stars are gleaming

among those glazed tiles.

Blue is shining above the campus,

in the sky and clouds of fine days,

in the drowsy midnight.

The color changes,

while, the glamour remains.

Purple can be found in the wildflowers,

with a glimpse of amazing beauty,

They are scattering at every corner,

waiting for an encounter.

Pink bursts out on the cherry blossom.

This is the exclusive color of WHU.

A timid blooming,

and a profuse swirling-down.

there is a strong stroke in WHUer’s memory,

which is between white and red.

One century and a quarter have passed with unchanging glamour. 

Lasting paradise, forever colorful. 

Happy birthday to you, my WHU.

Photo by Yang Ziqing

Rewritten by Wang Anqi

Edited by Lu Huixin, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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