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Feng Guo
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Prof. Feng Guo finished his undergraduate courses at Sun Yat-sen University and obtained his Master’s degree at WHU. In 1992, he studied for the Doctor’s degree while working as a teaching assistant at School of Law in WHU. He was promoted to the Professor in 2002 and he is currently the dean of School of Law in WHU. He also works temporarily as the Vice President of the Supreme People's Court for Trial Supervision Division.

Prof. Feng’s research areas are international investment law, comparative company law and comparative bank law. His first academic monograph focuses on the capital system of modern companies comprehensively, which had profound influence on the amendment of company law of the People's Republic of China. Along with the rise of cyber-economy, Prof. Feng turned his attention to online transaction security and became the first person to achieve scientific researches in this field in China. Due to his outstanding contribution to both the academe and legislation, many institutes have invited Prof. Feng to join them. He holds the position of Standing Director of China Commercial Law Research Association, Vice President of China Security Law Research Association, and President of Commercial Law Research Association in Hubei Law Society.

Up to now, Prof. Feng has published 5 textbooks, 8 academic monographs and about 70 papers on core periodicals recognized by CSSCI, which earned him various awards from the government and academic circle.

Prof. Feng also plays an active role as a teacher in WHU. In 2012, he was employed as Luojia Distinguished Professor. In 2013, he was awarded with the prize of Excellent Teacher by Bao steel Education Foundation. Next yearhe participated in the Program of “Two Thousand” which was a collaborative recruitment program between universities and legal affairs departments launched by the central government. From 2015 to 2017he was appointed as the deputy chief judge of the Supreme People's Court by Standing Committee of the National People's Congress. From 2016 on, Prof. Feng is awarded Special Government Allowance.



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