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WHU scholar’s voice heard on protecting the right to development--Professor Wang Xigen makes proposals on the 18th session of UN Working Group on the Right to Development
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The UN Working Group on the Right to Development convened its 18th session from 3rd to 7th April 2017. This session discussed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the actual current situation of human’s right to development, and an international standard on the right of development was drafted. Professor Wang Xigen from School of Law of Wuhan University attended this session and shared his observation on the protection of human right.

During the session, Professor Wang addressed a speech entitled Eradicating Poverty and the Role of the Right to Development, offering five suggestions on the implementation of the right to development against the new backdrop. His advice involves the establishment of comprehensive knowledge-sharing platform of poverty eradication based on the right to development, an innovative and diversified collaborative mechanism on poverty eradication as well as an expert advisory committee to assist the relevant work of Special Rapporteurs. Also, Wang proposes to  guide countries to formulate legislative documents on poverty eradication and the realization of the right to development. Finally, he maintains that all the countries, especially developing countries, compose their national white papers on the right to development or other comprehensive official documents, which is conducive to recognizing the situation comprehensively, sharing the experience, confronting the challenges.

Chairman ZamirAkram affirms his speech. Member countries of the UN and representatives of the international organization highly praised Wang Xigen’s recommendation and put forward some questions of their concerns. Professor Wang  responds to the ideas of building up a worldwide right to development experience-sharing platform, the implementation mechanism of the right to development and the envision of the short-term and long-term targets of implementation mechanism and law protection measures, which received good reputation.

Meanwhile, Professor Wang Xigen presented the White Paper on Chinese Right to Development and emphatically introduced Chinese success mode of implementation the right to development through reducing poverty.

It is known that professor WangXigen has been devoting himself to the theoretical research and the practice of the right to development, receiving widely recognition in the international community. Wang has been the advisory expert by the invitation of the UN since 2008. He presents the corresponding meetings, participating in drafting the international criteria of the right to development. In China, he is committed to  the composition of the White Paper of Chinese Right to Development with a series of books on the right to development. His doctoral dissertation On the right to development and contemporary constitution received the 100th Excellent Doctor Degree Dissertation in China award. Wang has also been selected as the top ten young jurists in China, leading talents of philosophy and social science in China, the Yangtze River Scholar Professor and central cultural famous scholar, “four-first” talents.

Rewritten by: JinYiwen

Edited by Shen Yuxi, Hu Sijia




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