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Public Recruitments for School Deans Wuhan University
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Wuhan University is a comprehensive university directly under the administration of the Ministry of Education. It is also one of the “211 Project” and “985 Project” universities with full support in the development from the central and local government of China. To further open up and speed up its construction as a world-class university, Wuhan University carries out public recruitments for school deans. Experts and scholars both at home and abroad are warmly welcome to join this plan. 
Career details are as follows:

1. Dean of the School of Political Science and Public Administration
(Website: http:// www.pspa.whu.edu.cn/)
2. Dean of the School of Life Sciences
(Website: http://www.bio.whu.edu.cn/)
3. Dean of the School of Power and Mechanical Engineering
(Website: http://pmc.whu.edu.cn/new/)
4. Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering
(Website: http://dqgcxy.whu.edu.cn/)

1. Candidates should have international academic perspective and schooling ideas contributing to the disciplinary development with great achievements recognized by the academic community home and abroad. Candidates should be professors or have equivalent positions (negotiable for outstanding candidates), and researchers from famous research institutions or have equivalent positions. Candidates should have doctoral degrees.
2. Candidates should be familiar with the rules and situation of higher education in China. Candidates should have creative and strategic vision for the development of schools; working experience in schools (departments), research institutions or laboratories; rather strong capacity for organization and management.
3. Candidates should have good character, professional ethics, innovation capacity, team work spirit, rigorous attitude towards studies and righteous study style.
4. Candidates should be mentally healthy under the age of 55.
5. Candidates should work full-time at Wuhan University during their employment period.

Objectives (based on specific agreement)
1. To promote disciplinary construction, enhance research capacity of the school and academic level of disciplines.
2. To draw from advanced managerial experience in education, propel reform on teaching and curriculum system, explore new pattern of innovative talent cultivation.
3. To introduce high-level talents from China and abroad, mentor middle-aged and young key teachers, build a team of high-level teachers.
4. To expand international exchange and cooperation, strengthen contact with internationally renowned universities, academic organizations or research institutions, establish long and stable cooperation relationship.

Employment Period and Benefits (based on specific agreement)
1. First employment period covers 4 years and candidates could be appointed as deans or high-level talents of related discipline on a long term basis.
2. Wuhan University will provide candidates with salary and welfare according to the performance and position requirements of candidates. (to be discussed face-to-face)

Application Documents
1. Candidates should fill in the application form for Wuhan University’s Public Recruitments for School Deans (downloadable, please see the attachment), submit application and personal resume. (Signature is required and candidates should be responsible for the authenticity of materials)
2. A list of achievements in recent 5 years and copies of 5 representative research results including theses.
3. Copies of highest degree and graduation certificate, employment certificate.
4. Working scheme and objectives for the new job.
5. Reference letters and contact information from 2-3 famous scholars in the same academic field.

Recruitment Procedure
1. Candidates should apply for the position through email, letter or fax and submit the application materials before September 30th.
2. A panel will be organized to review the application materials and select 2 to 3 candidates for each position for interview based on the application situation.
3. Wuhan University will arrange an interview for candidates and cover the travel expense for them.

Contact Information
Address: Office of Recruitment Leading Group,
Wuhan University, Wuhan, Hubei, P. R. China
Postcode: 430072
Contact Person: Mr. Li, Mr. Wang
Tel: +86-27-68752765
Fax: +86-27-68752630
Email: zzbgbb@whu.edu.cn

For application form, please download here: http://oir.whu.edu.cn/content/?1114.html


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