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First WISU award night held
Author:Raju Maskey  Date:2017-01-11  Clicks:

Last December, the WISU award night was hosted at the School of International Education amidst an incredibly cheerful audience. The big night, first of its kind, was a relatively new addition to an amazing line-up of WISU events but nevertheless was well-received. Wuhan University Students Union, also known as WISU, is the flagship organization for international students in the university.

Nie Lei, Party Secretary of Youth League Committee of Wuhan University, Lu Junlin, Executive President of students ’ Union of Hubei Province, Liang Jiawei, President of Wuhan University Student Association, Dean Hu Yanchu and Vice Dean Chen Hong Bo of school of international education were some of the special guests who graced the event with their presence. The event kicked off with the school anthem followed by an opening speech by the WISU President Sadik Musse. He expressed his gratitude to all the attending students, guests, advisors and members of the student body. Short introduction video clips showed glimpses of the events organized by WISU since its inception. Talking about the much awaited night, he added, “I don’t know how I can mention my happiness tonight. It’s the night that I have been waiting for so long.”

 A freestyle Zimbabwe dance, TLOD rap performance, South African folk song and fusion dance by Kazakhstani students, in-between the formal ceremony, elevated the mood of the audience along with a peppy background music. Honorable Dean of the school of international education, Prof. Hu Yanchu in his keynote address stated, “This is the day when we are celebrating all your contributions, as individuals, to our one big family of Wuhan University”. He was introduced as a doting father figure to the students- just in jest. He befittingly praised this WISU team as one of the best WISU team and the recent cultural festival as the best since the last 12 years. He further added, “International students are coming to Wuhan University to find a home away from home, thanks to you, the current students”.

All the student athletes who aced well in sports, namely volleyball, basketball, football and badminton, were awarded medals while those who came in first place in cooking contest were honored with certificates. Students volunteered in photography and clean-up campaigns,  WISU members in-charge of the various events like student organization exchange camp, sports meeting, etc. , members of sister clubs (ESC,SICIA), country representatives and all the students who had volunteered  throughout the year were felicitated at the event. This feast of recognition was humbly welcomed by all the students and award recipients. The onlookers happily applauded for their peers and hopefully they might strike it lucky in the next award night.

The students were served with refreshments before they called it a night. All the students chatted well with each other, giving them an excellent chance to fraternize and the organizers deserved all the accolades for it. Their joyous visage was suggestive of the fact that they were pleased with all the appreciation for their selfless contribution to the university, as they hung around till the end of the party.

(Edited by Zheng Xinnian & Hu Sijia)



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