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Enjoying spring on No. 5 Teaching Building’s lawn
Author:Zhang Fangning  Date:2024-04-10  Clicks:

With the arrival of the spring equinox’  arrival, ,revival and vitality have come to the world. Bathed in sunshine with the gentle breeze blowing, the lawn in front of the No. 5 Teaching Building is as bright as a piece of luminous jade.

01 Escape from the heavy complex schoolwork and embrace mother nature with your entire heart and soul. Try to find your own tree, and enjoy a peaceful time in its shade. Lie down on the lawn, stretch your body, , close your eyes, and simply bathe in the warm sunshine.

02 The cherry blossoms raining from the Cherry Castle’s trees is surely a breath-taking sight. But the blossoms on the No. 5 Teaching Building’s lawn are also worth cherishing. Beside the elegant magnolia flowers waving in the air, a few peach blossoms giggle with affection, as if sending love messages to tourists passing by. Some visitors stop to admire the scene with their eyes, , some use their cameras to capture its beauty and some take photos with the flowers to freeze the moment.

03  In the afternoon, the lawn becomes the most boisterous. Cute puppies gather here, curing everyone passing by.

04 While enjoying the No. 5 Teaching Building’s lawn, don’t forget to follow the rules below!





Rewritten by Zhou Yiting, Edited by Jiang Hanjun


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