Lecture by Shiming ZHANG, Ph.D (Dec. 23)

Title: Flexible Organic Bioelectronics

Speaker: Shiming ZHANG, Ph.D (UCLA)

Time: 10:00-10:30, Dec.23rd (Sat.), 2017

Room: Central Building 201


The organic bioelectronics based on semiconductor polymer has been proved its extensive application and business competitiveness in biomedical detection, tissue engineering, medical diagnosis as well as clinical treatment since 2007. Pliability, flexibility, high sensitivity, high biocompatibility and low cost made its distinct advantages comparing to the traditional technology. This lecture aims to illustrate the research status of organic bioelectronics, and provides audiences with knowledge on the achievements in organic polymer processing as well as micro-nano polymeric devices preparation. It will also be focusing on the latest progress on organic bioelectronic devices with pliability, stretchability and electrical self-healing characteristics.

Biographical Sketch:

Had graduated from School of Electronic Science and Engineering, Jilin University in 2009, Dr. ZHANG did his master degree of engineering in the State Key Laboratory of Integrated Optoelectronics on the same campus in 2012. Before long in 2017, he obtained his Ph. D from the Institute of Technology, University of Montreal, Canada. Then he joined California Center for Nano-Systems Research, UCLA and has been engaged in post-doctoral research henceforth. Dr. ZHANG specializes in the development of organic polymer mico-nano electronical devices. With over 30 papers published on best-known academic journals such as Advanced Materials, Chemistry of Materials, and Applied Physics Letters, he was awarded the renowned Vanier Scholarship in Canada, Outstanding International Doctorate Scholarship (Quebec, Canada), as well as China National Excellent Self-Funded International Student Scholarship and so on. His doctoral dissertation was nominated as one of the best in the University of Montreal.

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