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2018 MAY 24

The learning conference about 200th birthday anniversary of Karl Marx held successfully

(Cui Kaicong)At 3:00 pm on May 6, the undergraduate party branch of our school held the 200th anniversary of Marx's birthday learning conference.Li Po, Xie Linqiao, Tang Zhou, Li Jieheng and the undergraduate branch secretaries also participated in the meeting, which was hosted by Tang Zhou.At the beginning, Tang Zhou briefly introduced the background of the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birthda...

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2018 MAY 24

Spring fun games held successfully

On the afternoon of May 12, 2018, our school’s spring fun games expected for a long time was held on the 912 Playground successfully.At first, the opening ceremony was hosted by the president of grade 2016 in the student union. He said that a sunny afternoon came finally after several rainy weeks, and he hoped that everyone could catch the chance to relieve daily study pressure.Compared to the...

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2018 MAY 10

Flying kites Chasing spring

(Du Haochen) On Apr. 21st, students from our school held an interesting activity to chase the footstep of spring. They drew the most beautiful pictures they can think of on the kites, and then they let kites fly with their youth and dreams.It took more than a week to prepare kites, and each of them had been worked by almost 3 students. It had been proposed to draw anything to show the magnifice...

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2018 APR 23

Welcome to the new lecture!

Topics:Thermal transport insuperstructured hybrid materialsTime:3:00 p.m., April 23rd, 2018Location:Meeting Room on the fourth floorSpeaker:Dr. Wee-Liat OngAbstractSuperstructured hybrid materials self-assemble from solutions and are scalable replacements for single crystal semiconductors for many technologies. Although their electrical, electronics, and optoelectronics properties have been...

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2018 APR 12

Volunteers sent light and warmth in the "feeling of lone star"

On the morning of the March 24th, we as volunteers come to carry out love-giving activities in the "feeling of lone star" autistic children health care base.At half past eight in the morning, volunteers went together to the “feeling of lone star" autistic children health care base. Everyone began to get ready for giving lessons after they knew the content of activities, which includes three pa...

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