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WHU Helps Launch Beidou Precision Navigation System
Author:Hu Sijia  Date:2013-04-01  Clicks:
On March 22th, Hubei’s demonstration project of Beidou Ground Based Augmentation System began in Wuhan, making Hubei the first province to utilize Beidou “Precision” Navigation System in China. The project is jointly managed by the Satellite Navigation and Positioning Technology Research Center of Wuhan University and Hubei Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

What is ground based augmentation? Shi Chuang, director of the center, explained that it is a high-precision navigation system meant to meet increasing demand for navigation at a precision scale of meters or even centimeters.

This demonstration project utilizes 30 operation base stations and controlling systems combined with a positioning service system. The project achieves for the first time precision positioning in centimeters for professional applications and navigation at meter level in public application field, which makes it one of the world leading technologies in precision mapping.

Experts believe that the launch of this project could serve as a fundamental platform for Beidou applications, promotion and industrial production in Hubei and departments for surveying, mapping, meteorology, transportation and urban management in Hubei will all benefit from this project.

Liu Jingnan, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, introduced that “the project has ushered in a new era for precision mapping” and the positioning precision, sensitivity and positioning speed of Beidou Navigation System have been enhanced tremendously.

The fourth China Satellite Navigation Conference organized by Wuhan University and Wuhan Science and Technology Bureau will be held in Wuhan this May. The conference‘s theme is “Beidou Application—Opportunities and Challenges”, and the conference will be comprised of an academic forum and technology exhibitions. The CSNC is the largest academic conference at highest level in the field of satellite navigation and one of the three international satellite navigation conferences. This conference will also be part of the academic activities for celebrating Wuhan University’s 120th anniversary.


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