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WHU Delegation Visited Kazakhstan to Strengthen Educational Collaboration
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From July 1st to 4th, a WHU delegation led by Chair of the WHU Council Han Jin, together with the delegation of Hubei Province led by Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Li Hongzhong, visited the Republic of Kazakhstan to have a discussion with Kazakhstan universities on educational exchange and student joint training programs.

In the meetings, Han Jin introduced WHU’s foreign students’ education, the undergraduate and postgraduate education programs offered specially for international students and so on in detail. In addition, he expressed his wishes of strengthening the exchange and cooperation with Kazakhstani Universities. In order to achieve that, he suggested mutual cooperation in the aspects such as the faculty and student exchange program, joint training program at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, scientific research in Chinese language teaching, development and exploration of Chinese-Kazakh teaching materials and dictionaries.

Eurasian National University, Blykhan International Relations and Foreign Studies University and Abay National Normal University attached great significance to WHU’s visit. They gave a positive response to Han Jin’s suggestion and exchanged views on existent “2+2”undergraduate joint training program and the “1+1” postgraduate joint training program. Moreover, WHU signed a cooperation agreement with Eurasian National University.

During the visit, WHU’s outstanding alumnus—Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister, Karim Masimov met with Li Hongzhong and Han Jin. Han Jin conferred him with the certificate of “Wuhan University Sinology Special Advisor”.

The visit aims to coordinate with the national strategy of “New Silk Road Plan”, promote the balanced development of WHU’s regional exchange and collaboration, strengthen the study on neighbor countries and expand the source of foreign students.

(Rewritten by Aoqi Li, edited by Sijia Hu)

Han Jin Presents a Chinese Painting to Eurasian National University

 The President of Eurasian National University Introduces his University Founder's Book to Hanjin

 The President of Blykhan International Relations and Foreign Studies University Meets with Hanjin


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