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Wuhan University holds 6th “Psychology Garden Party”
Author:Zou Pengzhi  Date:2023-08-21  Clicks:

Given that the pronunciation of 5-2-5 resembles that of I love myself in Chinese, May 25 is set as the Mental Health Day for university students, aimed at advocating to university students that they pay more attention to their mental health. In accordance with the spirit of Mental Health Day, Wuhan University holds a Psychology garden party every year on the weekend around May 25, calling on college students to care for their mental health and that of others.

The theme of this year’s psychology garden party was‘Under Luojia Hill, hand in hand we reclaim our mental land', which implies that, on the journey of exploring ourselves spiritually, no one is an isolated island far away from others. When we can build sincere connections with each other, honestly share and actively support each other, a brand-new inner experience might unfold before us. We obtain a sense of profound connection with ourselves, others and the world, as well as the common perception of the value of life.

At 9 a.m., on May 20, the 6th Psychology garden party” of Wuhan University was officially held at Guiyuan Playground.

Organized by more than twenty student organizations, the activities organized under this year’s theme struck a chord with students. Activity themes included Me and Others, Diseases and Cures, Anxiety and Allowance, Social Phobia and Making Friends, reflecting the psychological confusion faced by contemporary university students.

In the Ups and Downs game, some students chose to experience the wedding ceremony. They wore a ring, and engaged in jiaobeijiu (mutual toasting by the bridegroom and the bride on their wedding day), thus simulating a peak moment of happiness in life.

While experiencing DIY crafts, students got to unleash their imagination by refining their handcraft skills and enhancing their pressure-reducing ability. Meanwhile, students exchanged their own opinions and feelings, which increased the connectedness among them.

In the Luojia mental land live-action Monopoly game, players moved forward in steps based on the outcome of dice of fate, along with random events triggered on the map. In the end, all students gathered under the cherry blossom tree, hung up garnet red ribbons and tied them to the tree’s twigs. These written ribbons carried the best wishes and aspirations from countless students of WHU.

Harnessing the students’ pure sincerity, these well-designed activities broke down barriers between hearts, struck up communication and engaged the soul. The event connected all of us and taught us the importance of forging ahead hand in hand. Let’s hope that everyone can enjoy and love themselves when facing ups and downs in the future.

Rewritten by Kang Jiayi

Edited by Shen Le


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