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The Mi's New Product Conference was successfully held in WHU
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In the afternoon of April 25th, the product launch conference of Mi 6X was held at the gymnasium in Wuhan University’s Department of Engineering. The founder of Mi technology, chairman of the company, also an outstanding alumnus of Wuhan University—Lei Jun—came to the press conference.


Mi’s product launch conference

The conference accommodated a total of 1300 people, including 200 staff members. Xu Honglan, vice mayor of Wuhan, and Zhao Xuemei, vice secretary of Wuhan University, appeared at the conference.


Mi’s founder, Lei Jun

At the beginning of the conference, Lei Jun said he was nervous to return to his alma mater, as holding a press conference was like attending a "mid-term exam". He recalled the time he spent on campus, "I reminisce the time I walked along the Cherry Blossom Avenue while the sun is shining." At the conference, Lei Jun talked about the reason why he chose Wuhan University as the particular site to launch the brand-new generation of Mi products, "Because for me, this is the place where my dreams started."


Lei Jun recalling his campus life

He told everyone at the scene how a small spark could spread like a raging fire, "Thirty years ago, when I was in my freshman year, I saw a book that changed my life in the library: "The Fire of Silicon Valley". After reading it, my heart could not be calm for a long time as I walked around the playground of Wuhan University. There was a fire ignited in my heart, and from then on I had faith to fight for it: to build a great company and to influence as many people as I could. Today, I went back to my alma mater and looked back at the fire in my heart, it was as ardent and bright as before."


Mi’s promises

At the conference, Lei Jun reiterated the core value of Mi to "move people with fair price". He announced the latest board resolution: Mi would make a promise to the consumers to ensure that the overall net profit rate of the overall hardware business (including mobile phones, IOT and consumer products) would be no more than 5% every year from that day forward, and if it were to ever soar over 5%, they would return the excess back to their users in a reasonable way. He once again emphasized the principles behind starting Mi: to promote the progress of China's manufacturing industry, to enable consumers to enjoy a beautiful life with the help of science and technology at a very affordable price. "Whether you agree or not, I am going to make a good product that touches people's hearts with reasonable prices."


Mi’s co-founder, Lin Bin

After Lei Jun's speech, Lin Bin, co-founder and president of Mi, introduced the new mobile phone to the audience.


Mi 6X’s WHU Cherry Blossom Pink color

He mentioned in particular that the pink color version of the newly released Mi 6X was specially named "WHU Cherry Blossom Pink".

At the same time, Lin Bin announced that Mi would invest 10 million RMB into research and development funds to build an artificial intelligence laboratory, which is a joint cooperation with Wuhan University to engage in the research and development of new theories, methods and technologies related to artificial intelligence.


Cooperation between WHU and Mi

It is reported that in the morning, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with Wuhan University for the artificial intelligence joint laboratory. The two sides will give full play to their respective advantages and carry out long-term strategic cooperation in the field of AI.

According to the agreement, the Mi Company promises to provide the funds in the direction of scientific research and personnel construction. In return, Wuhan University offers its utmost advanced professional knowledge and practical opportunities in curriculum construction, teachers' mutual employment, training practice base and other areas. The joint laboratory will gather the advantages of both sides in business applications, product development and technology research; and carry out basic, forward-looking, intersecting and strategic scientific research hand in hand.

(Photo by Gao Yuan)

(Edited by Xu Yumeng, Zheng Yayun, Edmund Wai Man Lai, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)


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