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Swedish delegation visited Wuhan for youth entrepreneurial cooperation
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On May 22nd, Abdon Fredrik Ronsten, the governor of Darana of Sweden, and Sofia Jarl, the vice-governor led a 15-member delegation team to Wuhan University(WHU) with the aim at promoting youth exchanges and entrepreneurial cooperation programs between Darana and Wuhan. Zhao Xuemei, deputy secretary of CPC Committee of Wuhan University, attended related activities.

In Luojia Enterprise Incubator of WHU, a relevant person in charge of WHU Education Development Company gave a brief introduction of this incubator to the visitors. Afterwards, Mr. Ronsten and his delegation visited some undergraduate start-up enterprises, such as Hubei Siqin Intelligent Apparatus Co. Ltd. and Wuhan Sever Tech Co. Ltd.


Liu Liuyin, co-founder of Hubei Siqin Intelligent Apparatus Co. Ltd., and alumnus of WHU, is briefing on ICE man-like Robot, a subsidiary product..


Dong Zongshi,  founder of Wuhan Sever Tech Co. Ltd. and doctoral student of WHU,is talking about a core product of his company——Underwater Robot (DTECH-1ROV)

In subsequent symposiums, managers from relevant departments interpreted the schooling idea of ICE (innovation, creation and entrepreneurship) and the multi-level and multi-dimensional mechanism of innovation, entrepreneurship, education and teaching. For instance, Wuhan University promoted the integration of innovation entrepreneurship education and specialized education. It also initiated the founding of Ziqiang Entrepreneurship Class. At the same time, WHU modernized the academy system (liberal education and specialized education system) with upgrading training modes for top academic talents in fundamental disciplines. More instructions are given to students in innovation and entrepreneurship for a flourish academic innovation culture on campus; innovation and entrepreneurship programs keep expanding; first-class experimental centers are provided for engineering training, innovation and entrepreneurship; undergraduate administration documents get revised with more supports for students to take part in innovation and entrepreneurship programs.

Four Swedish youth representatives shared their entrepreneurial experiences supported by Youth Achievement Program. Established in 1919,Junior Achievement is the largest non-profit organization worldwide dedicated to youth career, entrepreneurship and financial management education. Last year, about 10 million students attended such entrepreneurial activities, including those from 23 schools out of 26 in Darana alone.


As representatives of Luojia Enterprise Incubator of WHU, Zhang Peng, founder of Wuhan Big Dipper Eclogue Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Luo Yin,  co-founder of Wuhan Almond Eucalyptus Science and Technology Co. Ltd. together with Dong Zongshi and Liu Liuyin mentioned above, respectively introduced their companies and core products. Additionally, on behalf of all the entrepreneurship competition winners, representatives of Wuhan Jiahe Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Phantom Reproduction Group, and Anti-insect Rice Group briefed on their award-winning projects as well.

Darana and Hubei are sister provinces. Apart from those activities mentioned above, Mr. Ronsten and his delegation also visited Wuhan Overseas Students Enterprise Incubator and Remarkable Youth Gathering Program. Also, they attended a symposium with WHU Student “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Organization Committee. Li Hua, deputy director of Europe and Africa Department of Hubei Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Xie Mingmin, secondary investigator in United Front Correspondence Department of Youth League Committee of Hubei Province, and leaders of functional departments of WHU also attended these investigation activities.


(Photo from the Internet)

(Rewritten by Lu Xinqiang, edited by Zheng Lingling, Shen Yuxi, Liu Jiachen and Liu Xiaoli)


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