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WHU delegation visited Canadian universities
Author:Xiong Ying, Liu Xiaoli  Date:2018-07-21  Clicks:

During July 11th to 16th, Executive Vice President Feng Youmei led a delegation to Canadian universities and reached a consensus on cooperation with world leading universities in clinical training, talent training and joint research. During this visit, Feng also initiated the overseas talent recruitment in a pioneering manner and harvested fruitful achievements.

“As two large-scale comprehensive universities, we are highly complementary. The current cooperation in the discipline of law between our two universities can be expanded to more subjects in order to promote quality education for students, especially undergraduate students. And medical education could be a new starting point.” Feng said during a talk with Guy Lefebvre, Vice President of University de Montreal on July 12th in the president office of University de Montreal, Canada. University de Montreal has been a sibling university of WHU with a long history of mutual exchanges and cooperation . Centering on medical education, the two universities reached a consensus on the cooperation in department rotation system, physician training and student overseas training through discussion, which contributes to an enhanced partnership.

Feng Youmei led a delegation to University de Montreal

On July 12th and 13th, WHU’s delegation visited the world-famous McGill University and its top-level affiliated institutes of medicine and hospitals, including Department of Family Medicine, McGill University, Montreal Neurological Institute, Douglas Mental Health University Institute, HERZI Community Hospital and McGill University Health Center, etc. WHU was warmly welcomed during this first visit to McGill University. The two parties exchanged ideas on medical education, clinical arrangement, and health care resource optimization.

David Eidelman, Vice President and Dean of Medical School of McGill University and Philip OXHORN, Vice Dean of Studies met WHU delegation and attended the signing ceremony, which witnessed the signing of the cooperative memorandum of understanding on co-establishing the Wuhan University-McGill University Neuroscience Cooperation Research Center and Wuhan University-McGill University General Clinical Research Center.

A grand welcoming and signing ceremony was held in McGill University

Feng Youmei and Philip OXHORN signed a MOU of co-establishing a joint research center

Both sides in their speeches traced the cooperation to April 17th to 19th, when David Eidelman led a delegation to Wuhan University and signed a cooperation agreement under the witness of Mai Jialian, Chinese Ambassador to Canada. It was agreed that WHU’s return visit to McGill University will undoubtedly further fuel the cooperation between the two universities.

Renmin Hospital and Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University are planned to be the executive units of Wuhan University-McGill University Neuroscience Cooperation Research Center and Wuhan University-McGill University General Clinical Research Center. An academician workstation is set to be established in the two hospitals to carry out cooperation in clinical practice, physician training, double-doctor program and exchanges between teachers and students and a supportive pillar of the “Double First-Class medical school soaring plan”.

▲WHU delegation visited Department of Family Medicine, McGill University and planned to invite Professor Howard Bergman to establish an academician workstation in Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University

On July 14th, Feng Youmei joined the Job Fair held in University of Toronto, which was the first talent recruitment fair that WHU held in Canada. This Fair attracted over 40 overseas students. Centering on patriotism and individual career planning, Feng elaborated on what young scholars should choose in face of the requirements from their motherland, family and personal development, which touched the heart all the students present.

During the visit, Chinese Acting Consulate General in Montreal Bian Zhichun and Consul Huo Fuhai met WHU delegation. Besides, WHU delegation was also welcomed by Montreal Wuhan University Alumni.

(Rewritten by Zheng Lingling, Edited by Shen Yuxi, Liu Xiaoli)


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