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Honorary Doctorate of Law awarded to Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic by Wuhan University
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On the morning of September 6th, 2018, an Honorary Doctorate was awarded to Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic, in a ceremony that was held at the famous Old Library of Wuhan University. Academician Dou Xiankang, President of Wuhan University, awarded President Ali Bongo Ondimba the Honorary Doctorate of Law. Vice president of Wuhan University Li Fei presided over the ceremony.

Before the degree awarding ceremony, Dou Xiankang held friendly talks with President Ali Bongo Ondimba In the VIP room. The two sides agreed to adhere to their win-win strategy to promote mutual benefits and conduct more and more in-depth cooperation and exchanges in the field of higher education.

President Ali Bongo Ondimba (left) and President Dou Xiankang (right) exchanging opinions

Warmly welcoming the delegation from the Gabonese Republic, President Dou Xiankang delivered a welcome speech. He thanked President Ali Bongo Ondimba for bringing the fruits of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation to Wuhan. President Dou reviewed the cooperation and communication that has taken place over the years between the two sides, most notably in personnel training and academic research. He praised in particular the 100 Gabonese students who have been enrolled at Wuhan University since 1987, studying successfully in disciplines such as Chinese, medicine, law and economics. Introducing President Ali Bongo Ondimba, he said, Wuhan University will award President Ali Bongo Ondimba the Honorary Doctor of Law in recognition of his profound academic background and outstanding achievements in governing practice and we look forward to future cooperation between Wuhan University and Gabonese universities in this field.

Following the cordial welcome speech, Professor Chen Chuanfu, Secretary-General of the Academic Degree Assessment Committee of Wuhan University, announced the Honorary Doctorate award decision in front of distinguished guests, Gabonese and Chinese student representatives as well as teaching and administrative staff of Wuhan University.

In the melodious school anthem of Wuhan University, Academician Dou Xiankang conferred the degree to Ali Bongo Ondimba and turned the tassel.

President Dou Xiankang (left) conferring the degree to Ali Bongo Ondimba (right)

The President of the Gabonese Republic shared his appreciation for Wuhan University's attention to this event and the hospitality offered to all the Gabonese students hosted by the university over the years. Wuhan University has received the largest number of Gabonese students among all the institutions of higher education in China. He said in his speech, “in spite of the great physical distance between Gabon and China, our deep-seated friendship remains at heart.” President Ondimba also shared his hopes that today's ceremony would instill new vitality into the intercollegiate exchanges in the new era, especially between Gabonese universities and Wuhan University.

Group photo of all participants present at the ceremony

(Photo by Shu Chang, Edited by Wang Wei, 施维娅 & Hu Sijia)


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