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Bright-yellow osmanthus warms WHU in autumn
Author:Wang Yujie  Date:2018-12-07  Clicks:

Late September to the middle of –October is the season when the sweet-scented osmanthus is in full bloom, adorning the Golden Autumn cultural Festivities in Wuhan University.

Strolling around campus, you will be enchanted by the fragrance of osmanthus lingering in the air. Clusters of osmanthus in full bloom are everywhere. Whether you are walking through the National Wuhan University Memorial Archway, the Osmanthus Garden, the School of Philosophy, or passing by the dormitories Faculty of Engineering, the fragrance of the honey-colored osmanthus lingers in the air, drawing you towards it.

Osmanthus in Wuhan Universitymay not attract visitors like the cherry blossom do but, in the early mornings, it is ready to embrace students with the dewdrops and cobwebs clinging to its petals.

Around the Faculty of Engineering, The tender and adorable osmanthus surrounding the Faculty of Engineering with its bright-yellow petals flicker from the strong trees.

For students, osmanthus, though overshadowed by other luxuriant trees, is a lingering reminiscence of the autumn in Wuhan University.

Osmanthus trees bear flowers in small clusters. Though small in size, these flowers fill the whole campus with a fresh scent.

Autumn also welcomes the debut of osmanthus-flavored confections, like sweet osmanthus cakes and syrup.

A blaze of bright-yellow osmanthus adds warmth to the autumn chill.

Drizzling autumn rain returns the osmanthus trees to full bloom

Yellow-flowering osmanthus scents the air, silently but vividly, decorating the campus with the warmest color in autumn.

Photo by Wang Yujie

Rewritten by Liang Guoying, Edited by Lu Huixin, Shen Yuxi and Hu Sijia


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