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WHU's Third 3D Printing Competition—a creative & artistic spark
Author:Pan Jiachang  Date:2018-12-25  Clicks:

WHU’s Third 3D Printing Competition held by Communist Youth League Committee of WHU and WHU Library is in full swing recently, with a purpose of popularizing cutting-edge knowledge of science and technology as well as encouraging innovation. With three rounds, namely preliminary, semi, and final, the competition has been lasting for three months. Participants are provided access to  firsthand 3D printing experience by building graphic model systems and printing works out with adhesive materials all on their own. The works on display are vivid illustrations of creation, artistry and aesthetics.

Luojia Planet

By Sun Jialin, Wen Yi, Liao Jingyi, Yang Qi and Zhao Yiqi

The inspiration for Luojia Planet comes from WHU’s natural and cultural landscape in four seasons. The sphere and the tiny components are all 3D printed and painted delicately afterwards. Luojia Planet wins most fans in the competition with fabulous beauty, expressing love and gratitude towards WHU.


By Fang Han, You Shengyong, Pei Yiqiang, Li Yi and Wang Can

DD-Eye with 3D printed components is a portable box robot for face recognition and tracking. Mechanical dynamics and aesthetics are integrated. With functions of intelligent monitoring and video shooting, DD-Eye has promising development prospect in terms of technology and its application. Visitors attracted by its cute looks fondly call it “瞪瞪眼”.

Light & Shadow

By Chen Jing, Hu Xuan and Cai Kangyi

Light & Shadow wins the champion of  the competition with its ingenious design, especially the light and shadow effect it shows in the dark. WHU’s badge pattern emerges through the dot arrays on the domes when the model lights up. Taking the idea from WHU’s Science building, Chen Jing and his group exquisitely combine WHU’s motto of “Self-Improvement, Perserverance” into their work. Decorated with blue glazed tiles and Romanesque dome, the work is endowed with both eastern and western beauty.

Luojia’s Spirits

By Wu Jiaxian, Shang Kai and Lu Yen

Luojia’s Spirits is created in memorial of Jia Jia (an adorable fox lived in luojia mountain before), calling for an appropriate and harmonious living with wild animals. WHUers are so proud to have two lovely foxes to be their unofficial “mascots”, from which the team draw inspiration. The 3D printers of Luojia’s Spirits design the creatures and their physical forms with numerous geometric aspects vividly.

Head Up

By Chen Jiaqi, Ma Xiao, Chen Xiangding, Zhou Yi

Head Up is in homage to WHU’s technological giant: satellite Luojia-1, the world’s first professional night-time remote sensing satellite.  Luojia-1 is developed and produced by WHU team and successfully launched on June 2, 2018. Techniques like metal water paste and light solid molding are used to decorate. Head Up expressed WHUers’ pride towards scientific and technological achievements of their alma mater.

Chinese Chess of Luojia’s Epitome

By Chen Siyuan, Ye Wei, Ke Bingxin, Jia Boyuan and Fu Yuqian

Chinese Chess of Luojia’s Epitome is a creative fusion of traditional culture and WHU’s architectural elements. Every chess is endowed with special meanings represented by the corresponding buildings in WHU, e.g. the Old Library stands for Shuai (namely King in international chess) as soul and core in a group. Chinese traditional elements are presented  through cutting edge technology, providing a new idea on promoting Chinese culture.

E World

By Liu Xinlong, Zhang Xiaolong, Zhou Tian, Li Weicheng and Qian Jialiang

The Internet has bridged the gap between distances and turned the world into a “global village”. The information is transmitted globally in a second, and the Internet is just like a high-speed rail. E World shows landmarks of many countries, which symbolizes the whole world and “e" is highlighted as the focus in the work to emphasize the importance of the Internet.

Better WHU, Better China

By Wu You, Wu Lei, Chao Qi, and Sun Xinyi

The work is a fusion of China Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo and featured with WHU characteristics such as cherry blossoms. Dougong, a traditional building structure forms the main body, painted with typical Chinese red, which is just like “ Crown of the East”. In addition, looking like a huge granary, China Pavilion symbolizes the wish of every Chinese people’s well being.

“The library is not only a learning place, but also a location of scientific and technological innovation. We bought 3D printer as early as in 2013, providing service of technology creation for students and teachers,” said Mr. Wang Xincai, the chief librarian of WHU Library, “We are looking forward to seeing more 3D printing creations and enabling more students to improve innovation skills and artistic accomplishment through it.”

Edited by Wei Yena, Zheng Yayun & Hu Sijia

Photos by Ye Huaiqian and WHU's Third 3D Printing Competition teams


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