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Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Wuhan visits Wuhan University
Author:Chen Yinuo  Date:2023-12-27  Clicks:

On November 18th, Ha Sungju, the consul general of the Republic of Korea in Wuhan, and his delegation visited Wuhan University (WHU) and met with Tang Qizhu, vice president of WHU. Leaders and faculty members from the School of Foreign Languages and Literature, the School of International Education and the Office of International Affairs attended the meeting.


Vice President Tang briefly introduced the longstanding educational and academic ties between WHU and Korean universities and spoke about the positive experiences of Korean students at WHU. He highlighted WHU’s track record of enrolling Korean students over the past 30 years, with a total of 2,089 Korean students benefiting from its education since 1994. He praised Korean students for their sound academic foundation, adherence to school regulations and active participation in various activities.  Looking ahead, Tang articulated his hopes for enhanced cooperation between WHU and Korean universities.


Consul General Ha expressed his gratitude to WHU for its care and support to Korean international students, and commended the achievements made through cooperation between WHU and Korean universities. He also conveyed his aspirations for strengthening the bonds between WHU and Korean universities through various programs.

WHU has established and maintained positive cooperative and exchange relationships with several prominent Korean universities. The cooperation encompasses various forms of partnerships, including student and faculty exchanges, collaborative research, and co-organization of international conferences.

Photo by Zhang Fangning

Rewritten by Chen Yinuo

Edited by Zhang Jing, Zhang Juchen, Cao Hangqian


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